2018 Super 8's Dublin v Donegal 14th July, Croke Park, Live on RTE 2, Throw In 7pm


I am, you should see my Butterfly collection!!


When will we know if the Tyrone V Roscommon or Flourbags V Laois / Monaghan is on before the Dublin V Donegal game?


What does it matter to us ?


Depending on which game it is I might be moved to 301 or 311 as they tend to move us to suit the poor unfortunates who rarely get to play in Croker despite the fact that they never stop crying about being FORCED to play there by the nasty Dublin owned GAA.


First world problems . You have my sympathy.


Please god it’s Tyrone Roscommon. Fucking hate having to sit beside yahoos from Kildare and Laois in Croker


reckon they will play the tyrone-rossies game on the sat at 500. Us at 700. so all teams have same amount of recovery time before round 2.


Match is live on RTE 2


I’d be surprised if the Rossies don’t take some class of scalp in the “8” s. They are a decent outfit with good point takers.
I hope they make to the Semis with us…
Do I have any animosity against Donegal and Tronne . YES I DO !


Ha! Was just saying that to someone earlier. Most obnoxious supporters ever were the Kildare band wagoners of the late 90s. Seems they have experienced some Dracula like rebirth. Won’t last long as usual :smile:


Rossies have no chance. Have seen them destroyed in croker by mayo and kerry in recent years. They will be a beaten docket by the time they play Dublin. And I dont like saying that despite the Aw No comment Mcstay is a decent bloke and has conducted himself well despite unfair criticism from Roscommon people. Roscommon play better football than Tyrone but they kick too many wides to make an impact in the super 8s. The crucial game is probably Tyrone V Donegal.


Dublin should beat Donegal handily enough without the Drimnagh man, and will beat Rossies out the gate as will Tyrone and Donegal. So semi final place not in doubt even with possibility of losing in Omagh, Not beyond possibility that Dublin, Tyrone and Donegal could finish on same points, however. So win next Saturday is crucial.


I have met mcstay on a couple of occasions and I would not call him that. Not a nice carector IMO


Fcuk Roscommon so…


Tyrone are not in the same province as Dublin never mind parish … if you get what I mean


Oh do share :wink:


You underestimate the rossies i think, i would fancy them to bate donegal without mc brearty and 50/50 v tyrone- they could mske the semis.



Oh FFS ! The Mayo Media Mafia gets another recruit. :rage:


Oh fùck off.