2018 Super 8's Dublin v Donegal 14th July, Croke Park, Live on RTE 2, Throw In 7pm


In fairness anytime he has been interviewed I thought he came across very well. However his behaviour on the pitch was always a massive turn off for me. Not just the GPS incident but the constant pulling and dragging of opponents. He wasn’t the first and we won’t be the last who plays in such a way but his style of defending is something I do not enjoy or rate. None of that has any bearing on his ability to be a pundit mind you. I think he’ll actually do a good job of it.


Very unusual for a player still playing to be working as a pundit all the same. His interview with off the ball a few months back suggested that he won’t be hanging around too many more years. I wonder is he already thinking of packing it in. He referenced a lot of serious injuries he’s had and wanting to have a decent quality of life when he stops playing.


Is whelo the only ex Dublin player on Sunday game?



Mossy has been on once or twice, but he’s not a regular.


It’s RTE. I’d put nothing past them.


What a return for the for the most successful team if this decade. No Alan brogan or even Denis bastick.


He has openly talked about walking away but it was too difficult to with the chance of winning Sam so high. If he believes that chance is gone i wouldn’t be surprised if he took a year out at the very least


Think Alan said he was asked to go on TSG, but he turned it down & will continue to as long as Berno is still playing.


Exactly…not always a conspiracy…you could argue for Alan brogan as possibility (but likely won’t feel comfortable with close links to Dublin) but given you get player of calibre,profile like kavanagh, o se and Whelan, you can’t make a case for bastick.


Why not bastick? So you have to be high profile to give an opinion? I think with what that lad acheived at his age I’d listen to him more Keegan or Parsons. And who said it was a conspiracy?


Denis Bastick has 6 All Irelands. More than qualified to talk about football

Although i accept the point being made that he wasn’t the marquee player that some of those on the Sunday Game were


Someone somewhere raised an issue with Mossy being on before which RTE seem to have abide by, the reason given was that Mossy being an employee if the Dublin County Board shouldn’t be in the panel…compete nonsense but hasn’t to my knowledge featured since. Cant remember who it was making the argument, it may have just been a twitter rant or sindo article but defo remember reading it.


Another reason might be that some guys (dublin players )aren’t comfortable in front of the camera . There appeared to be a conflict of interest with Mossy due to the position he held .
Alan is grand on the odd podcast I’ve heard but put him on a panel & I’d say he might be out of his depth .One person who actually carries himself very well is Barry Cahill . Has been excellent on anything I’ve heard him on.


I think Mossy was a press officer or similar role for Dublin at the time so fair enough conflict of interest.


It was the funny looking fellow from Portlaoise that complained.


It was surprising ■■■■■■■■■■■■


Coman Goggins is very good as Gaeilige ar TG4. Don’t recall ever seeing him on other than TG4.


He is commercial and marketing manager for DCB. Heaven forbid the media could have someone on who would be able to point out all the untrue rubbish spouted.


Jim Corr is alive and well on Res Dubs forum anyway.


Is that who it is??