2018 Super 8's Dublin v Donegal 14th July, Croke Park, Live on RTE 2, Throw In 7pm


On Keegan. Let’s see what he’s like. Pretty sure Colm Cooper did a bit for RTE when he was out with his knee.

Perhaps any other Dub they’ve asked has said no. Basic would be well able. He’s very highly rated by everyone in the Dublin set-up so not sure what the above comment is based on, possibly a lack of razzamatazz, which sums up the current bunch entirely. Possibly another reason none are in the media.


What comment is thst TL? Valid points been made regarding Dublin players not wanting or feeling comfortable in front of the camera slightly surprised that we don’t have more of a presence though.


Comment about him not being of sufficient calibre. Anyhow, minor thing, it’s a sunny Sunday, carry on.


Any man that can do a back flip in an all Ireland final has plenty of Calibre!


Who said that about Bastic ??


I’d think that he appreciates time with his family after long time with weekends tied up as player plus he’s enough going on with his own job and doesn’t need extra hassle of part time odd jobbing as tv pundit


So, it looks like it is…

Saturday 14th (Croke Park )

5.00: Tyrone V Roscommon

7.00: Dublin V Donegal

Sunday 15th (Croke Park )

2.00: Monaghan V Kildare

4.00: Kerry V Galway


The World Cup Final has moved back to 7pm to accommodate the Kerry game at the request of the Galway Co Board


Kildare County Board said that they have no objection to the time change as long as the World Cup Final is moved out of Croke Park!


Out of his depth? Ah here. Would have to disagree strongly on that. With a father, uncle, cousin & brothers All Ireland winners like himself, he is probably more qualified to be on TSG panel than anyone else. Certainly more than the likes of Dessie bleedin’ Dolan. Whether or not he would be a natural in front of the camera is still up in the air, as we haven’t seen enough of him on camera to judge. But he would be more than capable of holding his own imo.


I’ve listened to him plenty of times on the podcasts & he can trip over himself at times , have difficulty expressing his opinion .He’s far better off sticking to that medium . He’d probably get roasted on live television.


Who cares where pundits are from let’s leave that whinging shite to the others as it’s going down the route of Donegal and the Croke Park debacle and who actually takes what the football pundits say serious in the first place.


100%, @TheParish.


I couldn’t care less where they are from. I’m actually quite interested in hearing what Leeroy has to say. Think he’ll be good. The reason i posted it is because i’m thinking its odd for a current player to be an analyst. Perhaps he’s considering calling it a day?


A few players have done it once they’ve been knocked out or injured over the years I think, even a few weeks ago Parsons was on.

Can’t see Keegan retiring this year.


[“BohemianDub, post:443"]
I couldn’t care less where they are from. I’m actually quite interested in hearing what Leeroy has to say. Think he’ll be god"]

Jaysus, I don’t think even Mayoman would go that far!:joy:


The hurling quarter finals down for next weekend too. Wonder when they will be played?


Jesus. What have I done there? :joy::joy:


Double Header next Saturday in Thurles ?


I’m not sure… Will u it clash with one of the super 8s games? Will be 6 games on next weekend. Surely could have played Dublin/Donegal and Kerry/Galway this weekend,have the hurling Saturday and remaining super 8s on the Sunday. The fixtures are a farce at moment. Nobody knows what days games are on, like are we going to be playing Tyrone on the Saturday or Sunday in Omagh?