2018 Super 8's Dublin v Donegal 14th July, Croke Park, Live on RTE 2, Throw In 7pm


Saturday would be doable if they had 1pm and 3pm throw in’s. Wouldn’t clash with the Super 8s at all. (As long as they don’t go to extra time)


Are they televised ? Think we’re going to see the problems with the current tv deal at the business end of the championship.

Sorry they’re not fixed yet.


I assume that Croke Park will sign off on venues and times for next weekend’s games this morning? Nothing about tickets anywhere as of yet.


It a joke Croke Park leaving so late to announce fixtures. Supporters need to sort out travel and accommodation. Rumour one of the hurling games will be played in Cork.


RTE have the football fixtures confirmed but not the hurling.


Surely a double header in Thurles would suit both teams better. Then again Frank’s baby isn’t going to pay for itself…


I’m looking forward to hearing Jim’s comments on the Donegal shenanigans in the lead up to this game. He’ll surely be asked about it at the pre match press conference and has had plenty of time to think of his response.

Knowing him it’ll be short and to the point, I reckon he’ll go with something like:

“Yeah I heard something about it on the radio alright but didn’t take much notice. We’re just preparing for the game”…


Yeah Jim will politely decline to get involved and just stick to the footballing issues.


Rightly so. But part of me wishes he came out with ‘what a shower of arseholes.’


You never know when he might go off on one. Last years comments about Dermo’s treatment by the meeja was about 5.6 degrees north northwest (rising slowly) of a rant. Well, a rant for him anyway.


He’ll have the press event at the crack of dawn, give them damn all to write about, smile the whole way through and they will hate him for it.

God I love Jim Gavin


Finish it with a “Go raibh maith agat”


Calm enough build up to this…

Only communication i see is the McBrearty injury, were they say it has all but killed Donegal hopes.

Fools if we think that!

Ciaran Thompson will be the one to watch. He can pretty much kick points from anywhere. I reckon Bonner will let him off the leash for this game. He needs watching


We’ll get our full of it on this game. We’ll need to up our game about 15% from the Laois game which i think we will.

Winning the first game is a must.


P1ss poor from Croke Park on the non-release of tickets for next Saturday.


Are tickets still not available for the Donegal game?


Nope. All very quiet from the GAA on this so far!


Jaysus… that’s brutal… I have a season ticket so am ok but given the furore over it being played here in the first place you’d think they’d try and get tickets sorted as early as possible.

Buble had all the focus over the last week by the looks of it!


Maybe they’ve caved into the media mafia and switching venue :grimacing: :zipper_mouth_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Secret meetings taking place as we speak…