2018 Super 8's Dublin v Donegal 14th July, Croke Park, Live on RTE 2, Throw In 7pm


Buble went on a coke-fuelled rampage and trashed the dressing rooms.


Was he in dressing room number 1 ?, ya know the one we always get which is another advantage for us .




He asked for that one alright. But was told no way, that’s just for the Dubs Mr Buble!


Even stranger is that they were on sale two weeks ago as part of a package on Tickets.ie

My mate has his already!!


There’s a notice in the window of the office on Dorset Street saying tickets will be available later today on tickets.ie and in Supervalu and Centra stores.


Yeah but let us do our talking on the pitch on Saturday evening.


That’s only the venues and we knew that already. I’d say the dates are for “the weekend of” as there’s no times listed either,


They have just confirmed all fixtures for next weekend, nothing as of yet though for Tyrone game so it’s a guessing game as to weather it will be Saturday or Sunday.


Can you post a link?

If everything else is confirmed it should be possible to work out Dublin v Tyrone based on TV slots left available…


Not sure it’s as simple as that though as the same number of games are being televised this year as last, no new deal was struck despite all the extra games in both codes.


Just looked at GAA.ie and they’ve confirmed nothing we didn’t already know about next weekends football.


All the Super 8s are being televised AFAIK hence why there was ■■■■ all football shown live at the start of the Championship


I wish the GAA would go ahead and fix the dates and times for the next two rounds aswell as the venues and fixtures are confirmed


RTE’s ratings for the Kerry Galway game will be crap with WC final on same time.

Common sense would be to put those games forward an hour each,


Kildare Monaghan could have had a 12:30pm throw in and Galway Kerry 2:30pm throw in surely


has anybody been asked if they want to avail of the ’ bring a friend’ option as part of the season ticket facility yet? normally they ask before tickets go on general sale. Reckon being a double header and that tyrone and donegal usually travel in big numbers it could be a full house on Saturday


Yes. But only in the last few minutes.


I reckon Jim will side step the Donegal venue row and bring up something like GAA hosting concerts in middle of championship or what condition will the pitch be in after concert. He a genius for stuff likes this and even better it irritates the likes of Wooly and John Fogarty.


Sorry I just meant as in this weekends whole fixtures hurling etc. I was hoping they would have announced the 3 weeks fixtures all together this morn