2018 Super 8's Dublin v Donegal 14th July, Croke Park, Live on RTE 2, Throw In 7pm


Actually yeah he might use that angle too to deflect from it…

John Horan said in an interview last week it’s his intention to see no concerts in Croke Park for July/August going forward… he didn’t like the fact the Leinster Final replay was down in Thurles…


Tickets now on sale gaa,ie/tickets Supervalu & Centra for Saturdays game.


Agreed as it makes it difficult to plan an overnight stay in Omagh so traffic will be mental on the day.


I know this isn’t the thread for it but what is the best way to go to omagh not driving?


More neutral venue shenanigans:

Come on Jim Gavin, step up to the plate you scoundrel.


If you’re walking you may leave now.


Take the Luas red line as far as omagh and then start walking.

It’s a new spur line the runs from the red cow.

Bus erinn is the way to go unless there is some supporters club or local club running a bus.


303 or 302 unavailable only 312 and 314 lower


Never too positive about results at this time of the year as with such limited competitive matches for the squad there’s always a chance of being caught out but still see a 6-7 point win with a relatively calm end. I think they’ll hold us longer then most teams but may not be able to score enough late in the match to threaten for the win…

I hope I’m right…
Up the Dubs…


It’s 2014 all over again!!! :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:

The only team to bate JG in the Champo …


I’ve always found that a glider is a grand way to traverse the Island. As long as one of those hoors let you coast into one of their fields. There’s no bother with that in Me*th .All the fields are fcuking huge there. No one would see you.


'‘We have at no stage questioned playing Dublin next Saturday night in Croke Park’ http://shr.gs/4aRaOhE
Donegal statement…

Oh ye?


Donegals concern for the Roscommon game against Dublin is touching. The Donegal delegate voted FOR the Super 8’s, get over it.


Roscommon are more than capable of raising their own concerns if they have any. Christ the Donegal crowd are a bunch of cheeky pricks. Would love to see us give them a hiding and sent them back up there with their tail between their legs


They’re continuing to make eejits out of themselves. All the while the DCB, Jim Gavin and the players just go about their business. How lucky are we to have this fantastic team and management? I can see us murdering these on Saturday.


I guarantee the same crowd whinging about this game in Croker won’t turn down their slice of the pie…


The new format with 3 games should increase the likelihood of the best teams progressing ie ourselves Donegal and Kerry Galway.
Winning start is vital though especially as Omagh is a narrower pitch I presume and will suit a defensive set up. I know we beat them there in the league but I expect Tyrone to be a lot fitter now mind you so will we.


And we pretty much have our full complement of players back too . It might not be an elimination game but i expect us to get our fill up there regardless . Tyrone will feel they have a better chance on their home patch …


Has anyone else got notification that season tickets for match are available??


Will be tomorrow as you could apply for friends and family up until midnight tonight.