2018 Super 8's Dublin v Donegal 14th July, Croke Park, Live on RTE 2, Throw In 7pm




Indeed i expect a warm welcome from the red hand faithful and the lads can expect a similar response on the pitch. Calm and cool heads required in the face of extreme provocation.
Discipline has been relatively good in recent times so a battle of Omagh act 2 is not to be expected.


Hope it’s a good ref. Coldrick maybe. Wouldn’t fancy Cassidy or Branagan.


McQuillan, the Roscommon lad (Neilan?) and Branigan would be bottom of my list.


Bet it’s Joe … :roll_eyes:


You mean “Dublin Joe”… :roll_eyes:


That Neilan chap is worst of the lot.


Yeah cost us the league final against Kerry two years ago, way too fussy on small things and then missed blatant stuff, made a balls of Meath v Tyrone qualifier game this year too,

Have to keep Dublin Joe for Kerry in the final :wink:


Gough in my opinion is the best of a bad bunch.

Dublin to win all games. everywhere anywhere and against anybody.

Best team ever .


He is but black listed by the yerra media so can’t see him refereeing a potential Dublin/Kerry game.


He was brutal for the Vincents/Slaughtneil game a couple years ago too.


The only time I ever wondered if a ref was actually biased. The worst refereeing performance I have ever seen


Bring on Donegal.


Conor Lane for Saturday


Not that langer :rage:


Neilan is shocking alright.


Did he referee us against Wicklow? Hopefully be watching out for Michael Murphy closelines.


Reffed the first final in 2016.


He was so bad that day. Literally just put away the whistle.


Lane is a quality Ref…Are you watching Conor? :smiley: