2018 Super 8's Dublin v Donegal 14th July, Croke Park, Live on RTE 2, Throw In 7pm



Great info… As @alanoc points out, the above probably makes every tackle a foul. What is ‘getting a hand on’ but slapping. For me, the tackle definition is the biggest issue facing the sport. The game needs to be redirected towards tackling the ball on the solo / hop, not when it is the guys hands.


There are guys going into tackle now with closed fists and outstretched arms the size of tree trunks akin to a close line claiming they got the ball. Another worrying development is how high some of these tackles are.




Last bus eireann bus back to Dublin from Omagh is at 2045. :frowning:


I’ll be long dead before then.


Jesus, 20 odd years to wait for a bus. I’d drive instead!


He can’t get any more games this year, truly awful


Is that a fact or a wish?


It’s not a fact no.

It’s very much a wish


Pity. Tks @Brogan


Unfortunately in GAA they reward referees after poor performances.


I see John Small got done for a game - will they appeal? Prob not? If the Hearing saw a red as fitting then … harsh enough though …


I assume all PP and Season ticket holders will be sorted for Omagh? Won’t be many club tickets.


Should be a great atmosphere - hope the weather behaves!


Great place for a match even if it did involve brother’s car been shaken, flag ripped off roof and being spat at in February 2006! In recompense, stewards chased them away and one of them got us to follow him on quickest way out of town.


How are you supposed to dispossess your opponent then? Only by dislodging the ball with fair shoulder charge or flicking ball away from him mid solo or mid bounce?
Only other option for defender is to block attackers progress using the body.
Mind you weak tackle rule probably benefits attacking team when defensive formations are being used.


I really don’t know the answer to that to be honest. That craic of allowing the slapping of the ball away when a guy is holding it is only a fig leaf to allow physical contact. Every sport has grappled with this, but only the GAA have fudged it really.

I think the answer is something along the lines of allowing full frontal blocks, but disallowing that slapping thing. Dispossessing should maybe be about standing the guy up and then taking it off the solo. If they could eliminate that hands on stuff it would make it much easier to referee. But it is very complex, so I don’t have a simple solution.


“More than one player can tackle an opponent”, thats the start of a lot of the pulling and dragging, should be limited to 2. I wouldnt agree with no hand-in tackle as the back is helpless then if one on one with forward- all the fwd need do is put the head down and run. And you’re alliwed i think 32 steps between solos and hops.


The couldn’t even get his name right!

‘John Smalls’

Although they’ve since corrected it. All the way to the DRA and off on a technicality :grinning: