2018 Super 8's Dublin v Donegal 14th July, Croke Park, Live on RTE 2, Throw In 7pm


The bould Stevie McDonnel reckons it’ll be a draw Saturday night . Can’t see it myself , even less so without McBrearty .You’d be wondering where they get these notons.
Was there any reason why Cian didn’t see any game time against Laois ? Didn’t he come on against Longford . Jack should start imo , Lowndes hadn’t done anything wrong but I think now is the time to be letting Jack off the leash .


Having watched more soccer the last two week then I normally would in 2 years, I can’t help thinking the aul’Gaelic is fine. Especially now the blanket is on the way out.


If the steps rule was enforced then the tackle as defined would be much easier to implement and also enforce. This would improve the game for me but you are right our football seems much better than the association type.


It’s only 32 if you are going for goal, or if you were DJ Carey. Normally it’s just the 10 or 12!


Scully is ahead of Howard in terms of experience in that specific roving role at no 10. Covering back when opposition attack and breaking forward when we attack. Has done a fairly good job so far.
I actually think Jack could replace Howard on Saturday. Howard could eventually end up in half forwards with Con in full forward but not for a year or two yet.


I like Scully. Has that bit of steel about him and gets on with the business. Discipline is very good too. Reminds me a lot of McCarthy in his approach to the game.


Disagree re disciplne. Huge regard for Howard from way back.


I’m looking forward to this weekends matches. There’s been a dearth of decent games so far.
I think this weekend will go a long way to rectifying that. We have been fortunate that the Hurling has been enthralling. Hopefully with more to come. But for the next few weeks it’s Football’s time to shine.
I think it should glow well enough. I’d be very surprised if there wasn’t an upset or two and some tasty encounters to boot. And, if Tronnne don’t win a match it won’t go between me and my sleep.


Or if you’re chasing a lead.


I’m really looking forward to the Super 8s. Everybody wants to see more games at this time year. The sooner they run a similar second tier competition the better, more games to see and it will lift the level across the board.


Players have made it quite clear they don’t want a second tier competition.

Clever by the GAA to have the provincial champions playing the first weekend. May get some decent games. After that there’ll be a couple of hidings in the next couple of rounds and no one will be all that bothered.

Football is in serious trouble if a couple more counties don’t get their act together.


Right folks, lets call the weekends games…

Dublin V Donegal… Dublin by 7

Roscommon V Tyrone…Draw

Kildare V Monaghan… Monaghan by 4

Kerry V Galway… Kerry by 3

NOW you know I know feck all about Football.


Does the message below from Croke Park in relation to the Tyrone V Dublin game mean that Tyrone have been given ALL of the tickets for the stand??

_"Your County will once again take to the field in the GAA Championship on July 21st at Healy Park, Omagh. _

Due to a limited stand capacity, we are unable to accommodate all Season Ticket holders in the stand at Healy Park.

Season Ticket holders will therefore be accommodated on the Terrace and will simply be required to present their GAA Season Ticket card for scanning at the designated Terrace Turnstiles on the day."


I read it as the stand is first come first serve in the stand and then the rest go to the terrace as it says unable to accommodate all Season Ticket holders in the stand

GAA Season Ticket / Parnell Pass

Seems to be different for various venues. Kilkenny season ticket holders which are almost all stand got preference over PP stand holders. In Ennis it was home supporters got first dibs, and Waterford season ticket holders were not given stand seats. Hard to know if the message above applies to all or was just sent to Dublin ST holders.


They are going to turn healy park into a fortress.trying to unerve poor us.Well an early goal may put the. Back in there box


Should be at least a third of crowd from here if PP holders and ST take up allocation. Clubs be the ones to lose out. indications are they will get little or none.


It’ll be like playing Mayo in an All Ireland Final so.


The biggest game I’ve played in is a junior c championship 2nd round game.

Stevie has won an all Ireland.

He literally hasn’t a clue though in my opinion, Wooly constantly has to try and coach him along to making anything like a coherent point

He has literally picked the draw out of his hole


Just can’t see a basis for a draw . Maybe he thinks Comerford is still in for Stephen . Still though , that wouldn’t sway my opinion on it .