2018 World Cup Finals


France the better team. Their big players played,Belgium’s didn’t. DeBruyne particularly so. Belgium ended up lamping balls into the box like a championship side.


Nope their wiped out after the quarter finals. Well if you get sent off you miss the final.


Another display of cheating and poncing . . . FFS !!!


I think credit needs to be given to France the way they defended though. Varane, Pogba, Kante gave Belgium very few chances. Meunier turned out to be a bigger miss than what was 1st thought.




I must have missed Sutton’s top class international career in that great England team.


Do we really need to give idiots publicity?


Umtiti made a mug out of Fellaini for the winner :clap::clap:


Sutton should stick to the SPFL.


Is RTE showing Cork City vs Legia Warsaw?


No , there’s streams on Facebook


Only saving grace is watching the coverage on rte . If England win tomorrow it will be unbearable across all media fronts in the UK .


That picture quality RIP


I wouldn’t bet on that

France very good

France are the best team in the world cup - a lot of players playing well . Massive pace, we’ll coached by Des champs, and ruthless when needed


@See_Saw eh…


Sorry my bad


Belgium went down with a whimper again really. What a waste of waffle. Martinez was like a clam when things started to go west, and tactically cluless. The Hand of Hen hid in the dugout like the sneaky coward that he is. You wouldn’t see Keaneo or any decent assistant not get out to urge his team on and gee them up and be a voice at least. Looks like Henri didn’t really give a shit.

Anyway we’re all depending on Croatia now to save world football, a tall order, beat Russia on pens in Russia, beat the home-coming queens, and then France. Easy peasy. Hope they’ve been paying attention to the little tactical details…


Ingerland have nothing to fear here. Clamp Modric and Croatia are ordinary enough. They don’t have the Kyle Walkers or Ashley Youngs or Raheem Sterlings that Ukip have. A win tomorrow night and on to an unambitious boring and defensive French team who had to rely on an og to make the final. It’s defo coming home …


Sure he donated his salary to charity .He was only on 50k a year , bizarre appointment.


Who would of thought :joy: