2018 World Cup Finals


This World Cup has made you very cranky altogether. Is nt Dunphy a Dub09 too. Just wondering…


I’m happy it’s coming home. Hilarious to read people watching tv pictures to come to the conclusion Thierry didn’t give a shit. Nothing like forming an opinion on no evidence. No sorry - he is a multi millionaire and gave away a few grand … so he doesn’t give a shit …

Umtiti man of the match ?? :joy::joy::joy: says it all really. …


Alderweireld and Eden Hazard best Belgians on the pitch on both ends.


Dunph up for the auld enemy too. Hmmm …


Says yer man who thought he was a liability & is still insisting he didn’t score the goal , repeatedly .
Your a gas man :joy::joy:


My opinion was based on:

  1. I felt it was my turn to have a rant. I’m only allowed a quota of one every month.
  2. He never seemed to do anything to save the day when things were going wrong.
  3. He’s French, and therefore clichee’edly flakey.
  4. I can’t stand him, his va va fooking voom, his casual arrogance and condescension, and his slieveen ‘sympathy’ to Richard Dunne after he cheated and the French won a massive game in their own stadium against huge underdogs where they didn’t bother to f.ucking show up.


Wasn’t a great match with the French so negative. What Belgium may rue is the decision to leave a player who was clearly under performing on set plays for so long.


Umtiti - what a player. Anyone who can prevent Lukaku from scoring especially after letting one through his legs to him is class. If that ball didn’t come off Fellaini’s head last then I’m Dub09


No worries , must get onto the rest of the civilised world who have Umtiti scoring the goal , they be utterly shocked by your observation.
They’re editing away as we speak…


Clear as crystal. Fellaini in tears directly after - cos he knows it went in off him.

Civilized world :joy::joy::joy::joy: - are they the people that live within their means??


Look , you got it badly wrong , but to persist like this , Jesus , have another sangria there , it’s sounds like your well on :joy::joy::joy:


Last night you’re slagging people off for their life style choices and not living within their means - tonight you’re slagging off a bloke who donated his wage to charity probably because he doesn’t need it - and you question his commitment to that job??

Hypocrisy much? No sangria here at all - just laughing at the crass judgement … god bless Umtiti …


Your steaming pal :joy:, think ya might want to hit the leaba .


Just another reminder here :grinning:


I will indeed. You go hunt some IP addresses or promote links to the Dub haters. And bring the dog for a walk.


Last oders pal , time to go home :grin:


The word is ‘orders’ - think it’s time you went home …:joy::joy::joy:


Ah a Grammer Nazi , the last attempts of the damned :grin:.
It’s been a bad night for ya, looking forward to your pearls of wisdom for the game tomorrow night .
Go easy on the sangria now !


Just gonna check my bank account first to make sure I’m living within my means and if not, straight on to Trinity in the morning for that course in medicine. Toodle pip old chap.


Welcome to Late Night Drunk Ramblings with Dub09 :grin: