2018 World Cup Finals


It would be no harm , maybe brush up on your football punditry while your at it :joy:


Ah they’re ganging up … not really. Probably the same person … :smirk:


Should we ask you questions to see what you spit out?


Don’t mind him , he’s sozzled off his head on sangria :joy:


Whats your club team in Dublin GAA?


Whoa , I feel so honoured now to be part of the gang ! I’ve no club unfortunately @Ohm but Donaghmore Ashbourne is just down the road from me .


Oh there from Meath right on the border? Right


Yup , Co. Meath .


So are you from Dublin?


I am originally .


But now you live right on the border. THat makes sense.


What is Dub09’s club team?


That would be Na Fianna , I’m sure he’d be fine answering any queries you might have :grinning:


He would just end up giving me sarcastic answers but there are match reports for Na Fianna’s first 2 games and highlights as well so thankfully I don’t have to worry about that.


Ger Canning was commentating on a match last week where one team was 2-0 down coming to the end of the 90. That team is on the attack “going for the equalizer” says Ger.

then george last night thinking there were three mins of added time.


Seems like hurling is his best sports he commentates on.


I missed the second half. I thought the first half was enjoyable. I really hope Hazard leaves Chelsea though I’d love to see him still playing in the Premier League.

RTE’s sporting coverage (ruggerballs aside - Kyle makes sure that IT is top notch!!) is nothing short of shocking, in general. Laziness and complacency has made it so.

Some amount of stalking going on here, also.


Please Jebus let Croatia win tonight. I don’t care if it’s a flukey 1-0 win with the ball going in off Modric’s arse just as long as it means I can enjoy the final on Sunday


Still head and shoulders above TV3’s sports coverage tbf (Matt Cooper :face_vomiting:) Only ones that do sports decently are TG4


I’ve never heard George commentate on a hurling match. I think he’s made a few gaffs during his career but in general he’s been decent. Canning is a complete clusterfcuk as a commentator. Generally clueless on whatever sport he covers and just trots out banal shite like “he’s a player who loves to solo, run with the ball, score, blah blah blah. He opens his gob and words tumble out. Time for a nice cup of tea.