2018 World Cup Finals


I agree, but that’s hardly a feat of excellence.


Yeah I meant Ger Canning.


Have you tried the beeb? terrible. RTÉ are the best of the lot.


What’s frightening is that it’s 28 years since England s last semi final. I remember watching it in the Parnell Mooney ,2 English lads there afraid to open their mouth . Was more concerned then than now that they would win.


So long as England are involved, yes, BBC are pewter. I find ITV not too bad.


Donald Trump must be excited about visiting England when he heard there’s a semi coming up.


Salty from the Belgium lads


They were a bunch of whiny fucks last night, maybe less griping at each other and they might have won.


Interesting that those comments come from two Chelsea players .


Of course


An often used cliche, but France won’t care how they win. They’ve no central playmaker, so 2/3 holding players it is. It’s always been Deschamps style, prob goes back to his Serie A days. Bit of a shame we might not see Griezmann or Mbappe cut loose, but if they’ve a winners medal in their pocket who cares. Also France lost the Euro final despite playing the slightly more attractive football. Deschamps is hardly going to want the same to happen.


Very good point , hell have hopefully learned from that defeat .


Think tonight could be a classic, in terms of drama anyway. A lot will hinge on whether Rebic Rakitic and Perisic can bounce back. They should surely start Brozovic instead of Kramaric also.

England don’t exactly play expensive football, I can see Croatia being relatively comfortable at the back if the legs hold up. Croatia to edge it, maybe even in normal time god forbid.


Well he’ll hardly get a job in Ligue 1 if they don’t bring home the bacon. Maybe in Serie A but that’s hardly noteworthy anymore. I’d say he’s off in to the sunset regardless of the score on Sunday.


I think that too. Also reckon Arsene is already lined up for the job. Don’t think Zizou will take it just yet


The thoughts of a France/England Final is making me want to curl up in a little ball and hide my eyes.
Kind of like a Kerry/Tyrone Final. Awful knowing that one of them is going to win. I might ramble down to the Brewhouse ( it’ll be wall to wall with Ingeland supporters). Heaving. It’s been a place of great sorrow for them in the past. :grinning:


Too scared of the Russian peelers to cause trouble over there


Guardia Civil aren’t shy of throwing out a few slaps either


Winger would be a perfect fit. Sure he’s used to not signing players! Hard to see where Kante or Matuidi would slot in though, considering he’s neglected that position since the Vieira and Silva days.


Possibly not, but less likely to wind up in the gulag.