2018 World Cup Finals


Have a sneaky feeling Ing could do this … keep Modric quiet is the key.


Croatia have picked brozovic instead of kamaric. Rakitic lucky to stay in first xi. Time for a few of these Croat superstars to assist modric.


Croatia marginally better than sweden (who are shite), and even the sweeds got two good saves out of pichford … what i’m sayin gis they could do it, but still remain to be convinced, it’ll probably turn on one or two moments of skill/luck, which is what seems to decide most soccer matches.


You should tell them you’ve family living on the Croatian coastline, tell them your loyalties are Split…


And now we go to Connemara to talk to Harry Kane’s relatives…wtf is this


Hope Galway win ■■■■ all ever again.


Well lads , lets see whos calling it & gets the bragging rights at the end !

  • England
  • Croatia

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To be honest this England group are likeable in comparison with other England team in soccer and other sports. Kind of hope they do it tonight and I think they will as Croatia looked tired the last day and now have two games gone to penalties in the last week or so.

France seem to be the most complete and consistent side though so expect them to beat either team in the final.


They are tbh , if they win i wont be too bothered unlike other years .


Why are the considered likable? Because no one knows who they are?


If Croatia defend set pieces they’ll win.


I could nt give a bollox who is wearing the jersey I don t like it . And no I don t support an English team


That was a general reply not specifically to you tayto. Hit your avatar by accident.


No worries, I agree with you, everyone is saying they’re likable and a team of leaders, read an article earlier about the sports psychologist saying how they’ve got the team to bond etc. bloody hell like. They lost to Belgium and needed penos to beat Columbia. The rest they have beaten have been cack.


Gstq and the mute button .


Maybe a case of there aren’t too many odious scrotes on the team compared to other years :wink:


Likeable … Deli Alli? Vardy? Maguire? Young? Sterling? Walker … right so …


Hrvatska :croatia: Hrvatska :croatia: Hrvatska :croatia:


Exactly. Don’t see anything likable about that lot. Or linguard, cane etc


Forgot lovern plays for Croatia. Can I change my vote?