2018 World Cup Finals




Croatia clueless at the moment.


England not good enough to capitalize so far.


Lay off to Modric…


Looking good so far


So one well executed set piece and they could go through. France go through on an own goal. How did this dross ever catch on?


Yeh, but they’re having it handy so far should be further ahead.


Obviously as long as there’s only the one goal in it, anything can happen, but Croatia have been clueless so far and England far superior. Only one winner from this position, unless the balkans can change their approach dramatically.


What’s wrong with those dopes in letterfrack. Between the industrial school and cheering for England, time to bomb it I think.


Might have a tragic moment for England yet .
They need the safety cushion of a second .


Mad here in Benidorm. Croats not happy. It’s coming home.


Bad news for Crusaders fans in the Europa League. They lost their 1st leg 7-0 away in Bulgaria to champions Ludogorets.



Wrong time ohm no one gives a bollox ( and generally don t about northern Irish teams anyway).


You never know if their are Northern Irish ressers lurking or not.


Don’t think N’ire ressers give a bollox either.


Croatia looked like world beaters last week.


… and piss poor this evening. Every pass looks labored.


Croatia look world weary this week. Very flat non-performance tonight.


Foul me hole.

Modric could get 12 weeks for that.


Ho ho