2018 World Cup Finals


England for the WC , your avin a laugh :joy:


Best team won, thank God didn’t fancy shouting for England in the final.


Awww - why don’t they show us Hyde Park and Newcastle and Leeds?


Harry Kane might as well have been in Letterfrack tonight.He was MIA when needed and he was not the only one. Great guts by Croatia.


I wouldn’t fancy being a Croat living in England tonight.


They’re going home, They’re going home, They’re Going, England’s going home


No or NI with bonfire night id be keeping quite


Should have been home and hosed at HT - allowed Croatia to play themselves into the game and Modric took over. Expect France to win final - could be very boring if they get an early og again.


Not a bad day to be surrounded by English tourists in Spanish Point. :rofl:


Careful in benidorm now John Bull be on the rampage.


Loverin in a WC final :joy::joy::joy::joy:



Kieran Clarke got battered in magaluf after one if the games


Jayus , can’t believe anyone actually picked England to win that . Croatia the far superior team . Englands handy run only saw them get this far. Bang average team .


Prince Harry, Boris Johnson, Meghan Duchess of Sussex, Theresa May, Theresa May can you hear me you’re boys took one hell of a beating


Maybe! Mind you not often a team only scores from frees in GAA.


With a champions league final in the same year.


England rarely score from play. Just not good enough. Handy draw got them that far.


Thats the most American sounding idea ever.


Definitely , some people bought the hype , mugs.