2018 World Cup Finals



Croatia better side overall and England just looked un-nerved in the 2nd half. Still, they had the chances early on to put real daylight between the teams and didn’t take them. All you can hope for in any endeavour is the chance and they let them go. Cest la vie.

I’d hope Croatia win it but can’t see their defence holding France. Always a chance with their midfield but Mandukic looks goosed for the final and that would be a big loss.


Strinic went off too . Will the recovery after 3 days be enough for this . Modric looked wasted too , has put in a great shift tonight .


Fair point but Carlow tried it v Laois did nt they .


Was lucky to be playing at all , sailed close to the wind tonight .


Thinking rationally about it this was a really good World Cup for a young England team. They probably got further than they should have thanks to a soft draw, but it should be a great learning experience and one from which they can build on.

The big problem is that despite starting off with realistic expectations, their fans and media yet again started to lose the run of themselves over the last week. It always reminds me of the missile test scene from the west wing.


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And that has what, exactly to do with this,the World Cup thread?



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Ha , brilliant , so close , like a couple of predictions here :joy:


Kane will probably win the Golden Boot by scoring 3 penos, 2 headers from 4 yards and one off his heel. (Assuming he doesn’t score in the playoff)

Won’t be ranked alongside the likes of Lineker in 1986 etc…


The record books will just show 6 goals …


Of course but just merely noting he’s managed to win it by not even having a great tournament


He was very quiet. They really didn’t play to his strengths the last two games. He was more effective when he dropped a bit deeper.


That was the joke :grin:


They’re not all wonder goals.


It was a good world cup if you look at how far they got, but they could only manage to beat Panama, Tunisia and Sweden not exactly world beaters, it was clear tonight that Croatia had a few players that made the difference, players that were capable of doing things the English lads didn’t seem capable of. England had a kind of one trick pony thing to their game, basically try and win from set pieces.


Good article here about that


The back screen can be effective but the ball must be put in the exact right spot or its easily headed away.