2018 World Cup Finals


Roy putting Wright and co in their place :grin:


He’s one miserable tosser , but he’s our miserable tosser :joy:


Ah I wouldn’t say he’s completely miserable. He has a sense of humour albeit very dry


Armada or bellbridge?


I’d say it pains him to smile , the discomfort it brings him.


Should be an asterisk beside it pointing to a legend saying donkey


Did you hear Dunphy going on about the English having more character and that would get them over the line. Has he ever seen Croatia play? They don’t lack balls.


Dunphy showing his true colours yet again. Am delighted for Croatia, what an achievement, and to come from behind as well. Didn’t mind England, brought alot of great drama and fun to the thing but Croatia are a joy to watch when they get the chance, and they are real winners, their leaders stood up the most and all that when it really mattered, if I had a tip for them for the final it would be stop playing Rebic wide all the time, sit back and draw the young French team out (eventually, and that way conserve energy too), then hit the long ball, Rebic has the pace, the ability and conviction to be the hero.

If Kane had scored that time with the double chance, he just seemed to lack conviction for some reason, would have been hard to see Croatia come back from 2. England could have beaten France but in hindsight probably not.
Croatia have the right blend of everything to have a real chance but patience will be key. This will be a one goal final I feel, very like Germany-Argentina.

Keaneo is right but what a miserable b.astard, I fear for him (and tv viewers) as he gets older, he will be another Gilesy and with that whiney Langer accent on him to boot. I suppose it’s hard not to get annoyed with fun-boy Wrighty.


Schadenfreude FTW.



Was this a world cup game?


'Hon Luka :+1:



Dunphy continues to embaress himself with comments like that. Croatia were gone after 60 minutes but dug deep and that was pure character that got them back In the game. That and the best player at these finals. England did have plenty of character, but that on its own was never going to be enough. Liam Brady deserves great credit for managing to keep a straight face when listening to Eamo, who has taken spoofing to new depths.


The englsih have pace and power and are good at set pieces, lack any real creativity and their inability to hold onto the ball is still terrible, similar to ours (although not as bad). Still first touch is often poor when under pressure. I’m not much of a soccer fan but the difference is glaring, even herself was saying it watching that last night.


She’s a keeper! :heart_eyes:


Really she has zero interest but she could spot the difference.


Dunphy bugged me last night with that "Character " business. Fool.


She looks like Jim Leighton?


You were roasted on numerous occasions ya donkey and are a proven disaster zone, replied the football world.