2019 All-Ireland Ladies Senior Football Final: Dublin vs Galway

Get a curer in there, or hopefully just keep it going

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Believe the team paraded around behind a bag pipe before a game in dcu during the week .

They tried to get the Artane Band but they were double booked…

that’s a standard with Mick. He wants it to be normalised so they don’t get extra nervous

Yes,I would say galway had them booked that night

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Was it attached to a dog?

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Now Now no dogs on the dublin team.

1 guy with bagpipes and the teams paraded around behind him.

I’d say it’s been done 100 times by teams at this stage.

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What time if throw in lads?


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Very best of luck ladies…now heading into the big smoke for dinner and pints before the big game…dubs by 11…coygib


Best of luck girls . I think we will do it

Exoect all the footballers to be there in support like they have been for last few years . Even more tipsy this time !


Best of luck, has to be hard to maintain focused with all the fuss over the 5 in a row, but 3 in a row is no mean achievement, would be great to see the two team getting a huge reception tomorrow.

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Hon the dubs!

Decent crowd in Croker for such a dreadful day weather wise.

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Tough game in those conditions.

Unfortunately we’re massively outnumbered, accepted alot has to do with the anyone but Dublin syndrome from other counties in earlier games but we should be better supported.

No score yet :neutral_face:

Conor Lane reffing this too? Ball into forwards has to be better.