2019 Leinster SFC QF Dublin v Louth, O'Moore Park, Portlaoise, Sat 25th May 7pm

How in God’s name would Newry or Breffni be better? Dublin GAA is far from just the Northside…

Would you ever feck off … sure Rathcoole is really Kildare.


If you want. What I’m saying is that Leinster games don’t get played outside of Leinster. It’ policy as far as I know.

Yes we have set the precedent by letting them use Croker for an Ulster Final

Different in the hurling last year with the Leinster final replay in thurles

Common sense V provincial council…

Only one winner there

Yeah. Forgot about that. Was Croke Park busy that weekend?

Concert wasn’t it

Why didn’t they put us in OCP and Kildare and Longford in OMP. We could have gone on the M4 and there would be no messing on the M7.

Meath v Carlow is on at 5 so there will be fcuk all parking when you come off the M-way in the industrial parks. If you head down earlier you’ll catch the Meath traffic. Bah!


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Surprised they’re played outside of croke park.

I suggested Newry. I am under the impression (and correct me if I am wrong) that it was technically supposed to be a home game for Louth.

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You would get a smack of a pitch fork down here with that talk!

And sure Glasnevin is basically Ballymun but sure who cares!

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Looking forward to the game, accommodation booked in Wexford town, now how do I get to Innovate wexford park

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Just online trying to buy tickets , only terrace tickets for sale .
I’m wracking my brain to remember if there was a restriction on stand tickets for Season Ticket/ PP holders only in the past or if I’m just a bit early . I’m almost certain I got Stand tickets online for other games in O ‘ Moore Pk. Can anyone remember if they were restricted before.

I’d say it’s to do with Meath being up first …

I’m sure you’re right there , I’ll hang on for a while before buying to see if Stand tickets come up later . Probably not a popular view on a fan forum/ website but I hate the feckin terrace.

Where are ye seeing terrace tickets for sale? Looking just now Tickets.ie only have Mayo game listed for 25th

If you go through Dublin GAA tickets it takes you to the Tickets.ie site

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Very unlikely to be stand tickets available. As far as I know clubs have been told that they will only be getting a couple of stand tickets each through the county board

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