2019 Leinster SHC Dublin vs Carlow, Dr.Cullen Park 02.06.2019 @ 3pm

Heard F Macgib played last night for setanta. Hopefully he came through it alright


I wouldn’t overly analyze the words. I think we did score the last 1-1, so that did have to be achieved and is probably what he means. They didn’t just lie down and say the game is lost when they were behind.

But obviously for the latter part of the second half we had dropped off a good bit. Having said that, if we had held out the two Wexford goals or even the second one, the perception of the half might be different. Our goals against record with and without O Callaghan on the field is chalk and cheese.

But I would assume our falling off from 45 min on is fairly obvious to management and will be worked on.

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The two goals we have away against Wexford were due to three failures to control the ball. Nothing to do with great approach play by Wexford.

Maybe lightning struck three times and our bad luck is over for the rest of the year.

Yeah but for the last 20 minutes everything went Wexford’s way and as a Dublin supporter it was extremely frustrating especially as we were 5 points up.Whatever about the sean Moran free we must have hit at least 4 wides that were not difficult chances in the last couple of minutes,if we finished strongly they would’ve went over

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Michael Duignan really does not like us or rate us! Has predicted Carlow win as they are too strong for us! Would expect he’ll be crying again if Carlow do win :cry::cry:

We really should be winning this with a bit to spare. Carlow are competitive and have a couple of v good players. Plus they are at home and will have been targeting this game. It’s up to Mk and the players to set the standards they expect and then meet them. Has been very mixed in the two games so far.


Heard the same, Dessie did a good job staying impartial

Are we putting too much energy into the start of games and running out of steam, or are we just not able to lift it when other teams go into their endgame/up the intensity? You’ll seldom dominate for a whole game but these fade outs after 50th minute are a worrying trend for sure.

In a way it’s good that people are tipping carlow - anything to help fight complacency.


Not trusting the quality of the bench, in my opinion. Or not having enough belief in his own ability to make changes that are needed. Even the fittest of players can run out of steam in some games.


Definite hesitancy on the sideline for whatever reason.

When Kilkenny upped intensity we certainly couldn’t live with them that day! But that Kennedy incident had a huge part to play in that game. Wexford game was two bad errors that led to two goals. That’s a massive turn around in any game!


The bench probably isn’t the strongest at the moment because of the injuries we have. But the McBride / O Rourke thing is strange. You would nearly imagine Kenny bought his dog to training and both of them drove over him (the dog, not Kenny!) on their way home.

But the lack of ability to hurl for 70 min has been there for two years now. Under Gilroy, in the early days, we were fading in the first half. I think it’s a combination of slight lack of conditioning and issues with subs.

Looks like a lot will depend on this Sean Moore guy

Sean Moore dropping back ey? from CHB i suppose?

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Think Des would struggle to offer a coherent opinion re anything.

One thing that Carlow have is workrate and intensity which concerns me. We should have enough for them but the 8-point spread on offer seems high to me. I see us winning by 4ish in a tight & scrappy game unless Dillon and maybe others get their goal form back.


■■■■ him. See how well his beloved Offaly get on in Christy Ring next year.


Can see us winning by 8 plus with a big drive from our players

That’s what I am thinking, if we can get a couple of goals then that changes but lobbing it into Rushe and hoping he lays it off is a low percentage tactic.

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That’s true, another thing, they had very little wides when we played them earlier in Parnell.

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Rushe might be out a Pats man told me this morning