2019 Leinster SHC, Dublin vs Wexford, Parnell Park 19.5.2019 @ 3pm

Will give them a buzz tomorrow, Definitely do not scan PP passes for championship unlike club games.

I would even check out the situation regarding season tickets to be honest as almost certain that Kilkenny friend had to get an actual ticket with her season pass for the game in Parnell last year. Might have been at kiosk in car park, but nearly 100% they didn’t scan the season ticket at the turnstile.

Definitely scanned my season ticket for all Parnell Pk games! Any ground with unreserved seating is like that! If numbered seating such as Croke park etc. You need to print off your ticket by going into your account online!

I know that! My point is you need a physical ticket rather than just your plastic season ticket.

Unfortunately you cannot print off a ticket from your PP, so unless for club games you need to collect them from Dorset Street, which it would appear is not open for this game,

Office open from today for Parnell passes.

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More tickets back available again. Only church end to choose from but just got three myself!



Had craobh ciaran terrace in supervalu as well.

Intensity fell far too much in the second half against kilkenny. Too many breaks through the middle and rucks if you can call them that dublin were often outnumbered. Hopefully we can have a performance for the full 70 minutes. Is ben quinn involved at all? Also did Peter Kelly play senior club championship this year?

Craobh End up there now too. Cheers CB.

I miss Peter Kelly


Is Hedgo injury free for this game?

I miss him the most from that 2011-2013 bunch, so enjoyable to watch


Kelly had some great games. Other than the early goal, he dominated Lar for the rest of the AI semi final when Lar was at his peak. Awful pity he did not play more.

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Peter Kelly ravaged by injuries unfortunately plays in the forwards for Lucan and has done in recent years but he’d be still playing today more than likely without those injuries, a terrific player that O Donnell could’ve played along side and learned from but were lucky to also have O Donnell

He’d definitely be playing still without the injuries. Quality player, hugenloss but glad he’s still able to play senior with Lucan.

Yeah it’s good to have someone of his experience and knowledge around I suppose

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Savage. Got a ticket.

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Yeah they just seem to be selling them in batches every so often

Got tickets on terrace pass last year for KK match and were let in at Craobh end but there was nothing stopping anyone walking around to golf club terrace. Get in earlyish and wander over.


There wasn’t a lot wrong with the team he did pick.

As i said at the weekend - absence always embellishes some players reputations.

Most of the guys in question came on last Saturday and didn’t do much to change the course of the game so we will see.

Expectations are far too high here relative to the players we have in my view . We will be doing very well to get a result next weekend . Wexford are further down the road in their development then we are.


Terrace tickets still up on tickets.ie. For Parnell is doesn’t matter which end you get, can access any terrace as they are not sectioned off.

I travel in hope more than expectation, my heart as in last week says Dublin particularly the venue swinging it ,my head says we will lose , the manner of the second half performance has left too many questions at this stage of the year , Wexford are a good side with a couple of exceptional players but they are not in the top four if Dublin hurling is not to take a massive step backwards we have to win , hope to god I’m proved wrong