2019 NFL Round 1: Monaghan v Dublin - Sunday Jan 27 @ 2pm, Clones


Tree down & all those pesky corners hoovered?

Last of the trifle scarfed?

New telly bought in the Power City January sale?

Ok…have at it ladies.

Monaghan are my bet to stop the 5 in a row, if any one does.

You heard it here first.


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Cudda sworn I got roundly abused here for going against the infinite wisdom of the Mayo/Kerry Cabal & picking Monaghan as the most likely team to stop the 5 in a row.

Or has someone been at the Sherry trifle again…hic…


They would need to be able to beat Tyrone in the All-Ire Championship series to say that I would feel. Of course they may not get to play Tyrone outside Ulster again, and could improve this year. However they have not come close at all to beating Dublin championship in the last few years, less close than Tyrone in last year’s final, and certainly alot less close than Mayo (who admittedly we don’t know can they get back to that level but we do know what they are capable of, same as we do know Monaghan really, a fairly settled side for years now


Going to try the impossible and guess a team. If I get 8 of 15 right I’d be pleased

  1. Cluxton
  2. D. Byrne
  3. Cooper
  4. Lowndes
  5. Murchan
  6. Small
  7. Jack Mc
  8. Fenton
  9. MDMA
  10. Howard
  11. Kilkenny
  12. Flynn
  13. C Basquel
  14. D Rock
  15. Kev Mc


Think you will be doing well😂


I hope to see Cormac C.

Incidentally. Price increases. Cork wasting millions. Coincidence. I think not. Once again we get to pay for the sins of others. Oh and we still get far too much money …



Good call on Costello, probably in ahead of Basquel who got some time last week.


Kilkenny not available just yet afaik so won’t be playing . Not sure on others .


Fenton & Kilkenny are both still away off on their holibobs.


Twos two ran the show all through the league last year . Will be much harder without them that’s for sure but chances for others and for them to come back fresh in a while