2019 NFL Round 2: Dublin v Galway - Saturday Feb 2 @ 7pm, Neutral


Guess who’s back.


James McCarthy, that’s who.*

*May not actually be back either


It’s on For sports…:frowning:


Eir sports … sorry


What happened with RTÉ showing the matches on saturdays?


Ah I see, they’re showing the hurling


Signed up for eir Sport finally. Why i have to pay for BT sport as well is beyond me…


Good to see Ryan getting recognition for his fine performances to date.
Thought Paddy Andrews might start for CC who I thought was quiet last week.
Defence needed strengthening and hopefully they have worked on the mark.
Of course there could be changes before the start but decent line up for what is a must win game.


Cormac has always been a tad greedy - not a bad thing for a forward. But last week he seemed to be under instruction to offload it quickly. His strength is running at people but he never got the chance. He also (understandably) seemed to be trying too hard. I’d love to see him allowed to just play his natural game.


I just don’t think he should be at 11 though. For me he is a natural corner forward with all the attributes they need.


Maybe so, but I think if we want to get something out of Costello he has to be given a run, regardless of performance in a game or two.


Any links to match later for those of us who didn’t have Eir Sport ?


If anyone has a couple of tickets to spare I am happy enough to take them!


Thats not a typo for the wrong Basquel brother right?


PM sent


I had a ‘doh!’ moment after posting. Almost certain that Twitter told me that he rattled 1-2 or so in midweek.


Is there a link that might work to get the match…




Interesting Liam Flatman and Sean Bulger on the subs


Is there a stream for this?