2019 NFL Round 4 Dublin v Mayo - Saturday Feb 23 @ 7pm, Croke Park


In fairness Alan I doubt that actually affects many, I know you made a point about about elderly folk etc, but most old folks that would be going to a game in February would not be going alone and would more than likely have someone to get a ticket for them. I also don’t get you idea of " By all means increase champo prices" I mean surely genuine fans go to champo too.



So do a lot of summer supporters. Take their money by all means. And it’s the bigger tournament so the GAA fan/member can at least understand the increase.

But the league is a different story. And it’s the gesture itself. Who it affects is not the point. It’s what it says to them. Often people who have been going to games for decades. I know my Da is very upset by it. Not the money. Just the way it has been done.



I would agree on the way it was done, don’t think it was a very bright idea, as I said if they had stuck a euro on ticket prices every 2 years over the last 10 years, prices would probably be more expensive than they are now and nobody would have even noticed.



I’d rather watch an Ulster school Camogie game with both teams using blanket defense.

Very good win for Dublin yesterday, was one of those games with some lads not performing so well, the weather and the pitch, playing away where it can become a banana skin and the rest of the league would be just avoiding relegation. Instead it was only a peach stone.
Now we can look forward to the last two games as an opportunity and Tyrone improving could be a serious test.



I paid 25 for an adult and 2 kids tickets for the dublin v mayo . Last few years that would cost 20 euro. I still consider it good value. However I agree ticket prices for the league should be kept as cheap as possible. For a Croker game 5 euro in for everyone perhaps. After all is nt it better to have a gate of 60,000 paying 5euro than 20000 paying 15 euro for promotional value for the games.



Kids u/16 free into PP today should be mentioned in fairness.



It’s the exact same … :grin:

Jaysus imagine the outcry if our League games were only a fiver in Croker! :scream:



its a 2 euro increase if your the adamant GAA fan that think is being targeted.



I bleeding know it’s the same hence the term promotional value .

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Firstly, I share your concerns about the suits in Croke Park and their business model. However, like it or not, the Gaa is still a commercial venture with overheads and a need to invest in the organisation. Now that we are in the Celtic Phoenix, the cost of things inevitably goes up and the Gaa is also subject to the same market forces meaning that the cost of doing business also rises for them. In fairness to the Gaa hierarchy, they did try and insulate fans from the recession by freezing prices for a long period. Now I don’t know what the lowest viable pricing structure is, but I do know that the tickets are good value relative to other sports and certainly less than a round of drinks (even soft drinks).

For comparison (and being pedantic), one can attend the Ulster schools cup rugby final for £20 in two weeks time. I know that game will have more kick passing and less back passing than the average Ulster football match, but it’s still a lot more expensive than a league double header in Croke Park.



There’s Methody in your madness …