2019 NFL Round 6, Dublin v Tyrone, Saturday March 16th @ 7pm, Croke Park


Lack of Sharpness all around. D Byrne had a mare of a game, we left 1-3 behind in very good chances. No panic buttons required.


didn’t know what to make of that last night on the way out. no intensity- either team don’t really care or team aren’t able for it anymore. i really hope its the first one and the lack of gas last night is tied up in the longer term strategy. as i’ve said in other posts, as long as we win this year, i could endure another bout of the 80s, 90s or noughties no bother after that. last night reminded me of certain games over the last few years where we’ve had 2nd/3rd team out and there has been no penetration going forward. the problem being that we had a 1st team out or near enough.


Reading the reports of the game…they use words like ponderous, blunted attack, laboured etc to describe Dublin’s performance.

Tyrone are definitely ahead in their fitness - which I’m not sure is a good or bad thing.

This might seem like a mini-crisis to Dubs…but everyone else would swap positions with you.

Dublin will be a different proposition in the summer.


Couldn’t agree more. There was no change of game plan. However the ball kicked into their Full Forward line was high quality (most of the time) which exposed our Full back line badly, and they took full advantage off mark rule.
It’s a sight to see 13 lads sprinting back towards their goal with back to the ball


Given the length of time he’s been on the panel without making the team I think we can take it as read that Jim doesn’t consider him good enough for intercounty football


I think that one result is largely irrelevant. It has happened other years, or could have happened other years bar a late goal masking the performance.

But I think there is another issue. I think the system has now over taken the players a bit. The team that is being picked is the guys who can best implement the system. Which is fine, until the opposition doesn’t let the system work and we need to go back to winning one on one battles. If we hadn’t got Connolly and McMenamin to come on at half time in the 2017 final we would have been beaten. We needed guys who are just better footballers, under pressure, then the other team had.

If a Mayo or a Kerry really push up on us at the moment, they will beat us. I have been struck by how Mayo have been pressing since Horan returned. They don’t have the fitness yet to make it work, but they will.

In the past pushing up on us was only a partial success because we could break the tackle or win the 50/50 ball and then we were in against a depleted defense. But if we can’t do that, pushing up can be a lot more successful.

Kilkenny can dominate a back, Mannion can too, but his skill execution will let him down sometimes and O Callaghan can break even with a back. The rest are great at patterns and skill execution, but might struggle if really under sustained, intense pressure. That is why Paddy Andrews is back getting lots of game time - his strength is needed. We need a Connolly or Flynn who can really dominate. Both of them probably had their best ever games in the 2014 loss to Donegal, that was a day when guys really needed to stand up, and they did. It doesn’t have to be them, but we need real powerful guys in there and I am not sure we have them. Howard will be in the half forward line and he will help. But I fear greatly we can now be caught by a really intense team.


I think Tyrone did change tactics last night and kicked an awful lot of diagonal ball 30/40 yards which didn’t let us get the sweeper back because that ball was going in quick. A know the mark will be gone but they exposed a massive weakness.

Massive worry though is up front. Even against Mayo when we were the better team by far we never showed it on the scoreboard.


we were bet by tyrone on the same day 6 years ago, in september we were champs! relax lads. btw, that mark thing is a complete pox. giving players a 21 yard free for catching a f**kin ball :rage::rage::rage: as if there isn’t enough bullshit stoppages in the game already.


The transition going forward was impressive last night- however it wont be the same come championship as the mark wont be an option.

The team got slagging for not taking pot shots in the championship last year - it was clinical it was boring. Now we are shooting and racking up wides were doomed


Sorry @Wifi but that is just a tad ridiculous. Do you mean at the moment - today - or during the heat of C’ship? Just curious but either way it’s not your best ever post.


I mean during the heat of the championship.

But isn’t the thing about the post a tad judgemental on behalf of everyone? You disagree with it obviously, so do a lot of people possibly (but what’s the point in posting something everyone is going to agree with). But just say you don’t agree with it.


You’re dead right!! I think Fermanagh will won Sam!


So says the doyen of posts!

Here’s all about opinions. (And winding up the natives).

And Wi-fi is the most measured.

Don’t worry Wi-fi. We got your back what with you being a semi native and all.


Even though Tyrone benefited last night…I agree with you.

Out of interest…will this be voted on again, I.e. after the trial period, will congress or whoever, roll it out next season? Or else what purpose did it serve?


I don’t agree with that…


Really? Why So Because?


The purpose of exploiting the only commented upon defensive weakness the mulitple all Ireland and league winning team has. Tyrone Monahan and Kerry you could argue were greatly aided by the mark in their wins.

We’ve already had “cluxton” rules so it’s not all paranoia. The easiest way of disposing of it would have been our using it to our advantage but we have deliberately ignored it.


So was it a one-season wonder or subject to another vote?

You can see why Kerry threw T Walsh against Dublin. What’s he 6’ 4 or something. Almost guaranteed a few poky just by putting him at the edge of the square.


The ref didnt loose us that game tonight. I agree he was bad but we were out played and not hungry enough. Better team won plain and simple.


Good post. Also would agree that Mayo and Kerry have the ability to beat Dublin. Kerry showed in 17 League final how to do it. Still think Mayo are the best bet if Horan can somehow get their form right for later in year. Tyrone have the ability too and greatly impressed me last night.

I think Dublin are still the team to beat but no doubts about the gap is closing and closing quickly. Hard to replace once in a lifetime talents like Brogan and Connolly.