2019 NFL Round 6, Dublin v Tyrone, Saturday March 16th @ 7pm, Croke Park


The Dublin league / championship or OByrne cup team?? :grin:

Harte probably though v close call with whoever from HB line. Don’t think so re Donnelly on form over past year. Don’t think he’s at same level as couple of years back.

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Mattie D made a big impact a few years ago. And he made a big difference to Trillick doing well.

But I genuinely think he’s over training. He should’ve been rested after last September.

Even against Cavan he didn’t stand out.

P Harte is definitely more consistent.

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Agree he looks like fella who is over trained/played and also carrying a lot of expectation. Talented footballer though!

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Should’ve said ‘other Nordies’ as knowing them anyone outside Tyrone utterly hate their pudding and everyone’s pudding is different and better than every other areas pudding! :grinning:



We wouldn’t have won it. Unless Tyrone had got all the bad luck we did!
And if we had fluked a win we would’ve been beaten by Kerry in the final. Which is a bit consoling

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Very true Al.

But at least the Tyrone team head into CP knowing they’ve the full support of Ulster behind them.

Except for Derry, Armagh, Donegal and a few others.

In fact…Kerry might be cheering on Tyrone next Sat!



They would want both teams to lose!



I just went on to Tickets.ie and there are only Cusack and Terrace tickets for sale for the game no Hogan Stand. Weird really, they have been on sale for weeks, I have dropped in and out to have a look at the seats available and there’s not a chance that they are all gone yet. :thinking:



Jesus I’ve had a great bit of luck.

I’ve managed to buy nearly all the tickets.

Selling them at twice face value.

No friends and family discount either.



Diesel business on the slow side?

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Maybe this is his idea of being Brexit ready? :thinking:



Business uncertainty caused by Brexit is killing me BD.

In all this debate…no one gives a thought to the hard-pressed diesel recyclers.

Ps you after any tickets?



Ah Feck … how much for a Hogan Stand ticket ( asking for a friend) :blush:

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I prefer to call it Ty-rexit.

Border controls for people from Armagh…and a tax haven for booze, fags and diesel. Kind of like a poor man’s Monaco.



Do the tickets come with complementary Purdey Pudding?



Ha ha

No you’ll be relieved to hear.

Although it was that cold at underage training tonight I could nearly tackle a bowl.

Anyone know what crowd is expected? Know a pile of ones heading down.



Maybe those ones bought all the Hogan Stand tickets :ticket::neutral_face:



Ha. Yeah a red and white invasion.

In the previous league game in CP…2017…,it was the first game in Div1 after getting promotion.

it was like being back in the big time.

Absolutely pouring rain and we got soaked. Near sure there was hurling game on beforehand - tipp v Dublin - that we caught the end of.



Careful now or yis will find yerselves extinct.
At least though yis can send a telegram to Sam…



Are all the stand tickets for this game gone?

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