2019 NHL Quarter final, Tipperary v Dublin, Semple Stadium, Saturday March 16th @ 4.30pm


Sure Alan, why would they televise us? They showed us yesterday, where we stand.


Great win and great to be there. As I was walking in I ended up in the middle of the tipp team coming in from next door. Hilarity. I’d know the McGrath’s father so that was more hilarity.

It was a game dominated by wind till about the 50th min when suddenly the intensity racketed up a few notches and both teams went at it and we were more suited to that I felt. From 50th to 56th min we played smashing tough hurling. Tipp faded but their abilities kept them in it (and we were lucky as a shot that was goal bound for them but it came off the post) but they missed a vast amount of wides even with the wind. They have a lot of work to do. We were pulled back but when we went four up towards the end I figured if it went to extra time we’d certainly win. We did it even better though.

Only 3,500 at it. Don’t get too upset by tipp fm. Nobody here can stand them either.


3500 at it! Another 5000 waiting for semi final next week! :grinning: I wonder who Tipp fans will cheer for next week?


Some of our long range shooting yesterday was excellent o donnell scored a brilliant point from past his own 65 after catching the ball over someone’s head,he is really stamping his authority at 3 and has many years left

Moran is becoming a great asset with the frees you can nearly guarantee the ball is over as he places it down,Eoin Murphy did It for Kilkenny last year and was worth a couple of points,Moran has really improved at them and hats off to him

McBride with a small bit more accuracy could score a sideline or two,he did against Galway but as shown yesterday he has the distance and it would be great if we had a player who could score them

O rourke is really giving Kenny a selection headache he’s a brilliant player,played a key role in the goal and some lovely points

I thought boland was very good,operating a lot in the half forward line and stuck some nice scores,pity I thought it was rushe in the first half until I was reliably informed :joy:

Really great to get on over on Tipp in thurles,we deserved it yesterday even though they had too many wides our work rate was exceptional as was our shooting


One of Boland’s greatest skills is tackling, he stops the opponent from making ground and rarely gives away a free. This is a great asset to have on any team.


I thought all year Moran should have been hitting the distance frees. Hedgo was on them, but wasn’t great - we left a good few scores behind because of it.

But fair play to Kenny, I would have thought starting with the six forwards we did would have meant Tipp would have it handy. But he knew his players and what they can do. My feeling when I saw the team was that yes it has a bit more pace and touch then normal, but they will never win enough ball. It was always a quandary I had, do we go with the hurlers or the ball winners - and it seems we have found we can do both. Which is game changing really.

I was delighted to read too that Hedgo was doing well under the dropping ball. I had a worry that he lacked a bit of confidence against the better teams (although that was alleviated a bit in the Waterford game). That’s a type of player we have really been missing.

Delighted too Nolan was back and showed no ill effects from his dropped ball against Waterford. We are well served with keepers in Dublin.

I wonder how that effects Rushe now? In a way he is more then just one player when he plays, a huge amount of the game plan is built around him. Maybe they have found now they have a better game plan (or two game plans). But for me, I think it is interesting that we won with six forwards who are alll multi faceted (win ball, fight for ball, pace, score etc). When we play with Burke and Rushe, we have one specialist score taker and one specialist dirty ball winner, but that maybe takes from other aspects of our forward play.

It’s geting late now for Keaney and Schutte to be getting games before the championship. Hopefully one or both can make some sort of an appearance against Limerick.

But as regards Kenny - definitely 10 of 10 for his first league. And it’s not like he is just leveraging 100% of what Gilroy did. Sure he is taking the best of it, but he is adding the likes of O Rourke and Hetherton too.

Thanks to everyone who went for their comments. You get a much better flavor of the game here then in the general media.


One of the most athletic players we have. Touch wood he stays injury free from here on in. Deserves a good run at it


Boland is All Star quality if he gets enough game time. Himself and McBride are potentially the best midfield in the country. Not the best hurlers playing midfield, but the most effective midfield partnership.


I know it’s Paddy’s Day but still no excuse for being tanked up this early …,


I’m sorry WiFi as much as I like the two of them,this ain’t true.They are good don’t get me wrong but they have to play consistently together and they don’t I’m afraid


Don’t know about these two yet,going by what kenny said in January we should see keaney back by the end of March,so that should be against limerick but who knows


Heartwarming win yesterday. But I think we need to be cautious. Tipp may have been a bit heavy-trained and over-confident and they did shoot a lot of wides. Limerick are a step up and will be a real gauge of where we are.


Agree good win but let’s not get carried away. Think there is a massive amount of shadow boxing and heavy training going on with new format. Definite some good signs but will all be revealed in championship when all teams going full tilt.


One thing about Dublin Hurling fans we rarely if ever lose the run of ourselves, stung far to often , enjoy the win which for me was unexpected, and really looking forward to Limerick a team I really like can’t wait , this season in hurling no ones safe results very unpredictable so who knows


They did have some amount of wides and had the option of the overlap way too much in the second half around the middle of the park

They did hit the post but was a bit of a pot shot

Don’t think we’re getting carried away,it was a step in the right direction and big win away to tipp,we’ll know more next week against limerick they’re a step up but it’s nice to celebrate and enjoy these,following Dublin hurling they don’t come around all the time



Ohhhh… Semple was supposed to be the semi final venue.

Just as good.


Good. Great pitch and Semple Stadium is a bit of an advantage to Limerick. Prefer going to Kilkenny over Thurles too. Presume being televised by TG4?


Is Sutcliffe available or gone for next day?


Should be if it was two yellows…