2019 NHL Quarter final, Tipperary v Dublin, Semple Stadium, Saturday March 16th @ 4.30pm


They did have some amount of wides and had the option of the overlap way too much in the second half around the middle of the park

They did hit the post but was a bit of a pot shot

Don’t think we’re getting carried away,it was a step in the right direction and big win away to tipp,we’ll know more next week against limerick they’re a step up but it’s nice to celebrate and enjoy these,following Dublin hurling they don’t come around all the time



Ohhhh… Semple was supposed to be the semi final venue.

Just as good.


Good. Great pitch and Semple Stadium is a bit of an advantage to Limerick. Prefer going to Kilkenny over Thurles too. Presume being televised by TG4?


Is Sutcliffe available or gone for next day?


Should be if it was two yellows…


Great. Anyone involved in junior league hurling games will miss out going down yet again


Yes they will


Full round of Senior leagues next weekend?


Oh Senior is still Sunday is it? At least them games are 10.30.


No hope of club players making the match


That’s why I said ‘potentially’


Unlikely to make it at that


It is foretelling a potential future event. So it can’t actually be wrong at this moment in time.


Since we won I can say that i thought the ref was very one sided in favour of tipp yesterday. To the point where our players were getting frustrated with him and resulting in ten metre advances. It was very bad.


As for the ref I didn’t get when a tipp player slipped and 2/3 Dublin players around him not touching him and the free given to tipp,that’s a huge part of our game and I wouldn’t like to see it during the summer

Hard to judge any pushes in the back as it was slippy though

Apart from the ref tipp got the overlap way too easy in midfield in the second half


Sweet win, when Tipp rattled off 4 handy points at start of 2nd half was sure it was game over.

We worked a lot of our scores really well. Just 3 wides from play is impressive on a windy, wet day. We also gave up 3 or 4 handy points trying to get in for goals.

Moran was immense, O’Rourke was a real handful and thought McBride had a great game.

Great impact from the subs, serious wrishtyness from Boland at times, Hetherton winning puck outs, and both Ryaner’s points were brilliant.

Real confidence builder hopefully.


Agree with everything you’ve said,Tipp came racing out of the blocks after half time and looked very lively constantly creating the overlap

We did try to over work the ball at times,but we do score a good amount of goals


Assuming it is a two horse race (and it’s probably not), O Connell or Barrett at wing back?

For me it would have been Barrett, without doubt, but reading here it seems O Connell did very well yesterday.


O connell spent a bit of time in the full back line,maybe kenny thinks we’re light there and is looking for an alternative or even looking for fit o connell in somewhere,hard to tell

O connell did do well though,was terrible in the FB line against Waterford but he’s not an out and out defender