2019 NHL Round 1-Dublin v Carlow-Parnell Park-Sat January 26



That 15 (if it starts) should have too much for Carlow. I just hope our forwards can get their names on the scoreboard. Need to move on from relying on frees and 1/2 individuals to get scores


Stronger first 15 then I thought with Fitzgibbon games,as youve said @sneakersotoole it should be enough to see off carlow,it isnt a million miles away from a starting 15 come May

Good to see O Connell in from the start


I agree with the 1B situation, I think it is the right place to be. But I think at some stage he needs to be getting the core 15 together on the field. Two or three games at the end of the league possibly isn’t enough preparation for the championship.

Most lads got a chance last year to show their capabilities. I know it is a different manager, but I think that needs to be taken into account. Fair enough, some lads are a year older and a year better so they deserve a shot, but I don’t think he should do the trawl through the top 50 again.


1B does give us more room to play with,especially with no promotion.Theres a good mix of very winnable games to tough games,if we could get one win out of the 2 tough games i would be happy

Hopefully we see progression before a league quarter final assuming we get there,if we build towards that and progressively get better as we go along i think that could be the way forward

With players coming back from injury also e.g Keaney we are in a decent spot



That’s a very strong 15, no sign of Paul Ryan?


Quite similar to what we have had out in the Walsh Cup. For some of the College lads it’ll be their second game in 48 hours so hopefully they only get 35-40 mins and then we give others a go. Will be interested to see how the midfield goes.


Hedgo or Burke to take the frees?

From the DCU game yesterday your man Paudie Foley could hit the ball a huge distance from frees,fairly accurately as well,Sean Moran could take ours from distance and look to do the same,as he has a long strike as well on him,could be worth a score or two.That was one of the differneces last year with the kilkenny game,Eoin Murphy would score from huge distances


I take back my previous comments about too much experimentation. Assuming Sutcliffe, Ryan, Boland etc are not ready yet, then that is what I suspect Kenny thinks is his strongest team.


John Madden at corner back… I bet GC would have chosen the wrong one.


For me Burke seems about a 70% sort of free taker once they get anyway difficult, it’s not too bad but not good enough for this I think. Hedgo is a few percentage points higher imo - not perfect either, but better.

I would like to see Moran get more of them, although taking a defender forward for frees can be difficult.


Apart from the Galway game Hedgo was good with them


There was a few missed in the Laois game that I thought Ryan or Treacy would have scored, but that’s high standards.

But you are right, he is a decent free taker.


Do you think that this is the starting 15?


Id say 3 to 4 changes before throw in


Would imagine so, o’donnell And Smyth only played a half each?


Out of all the DCU players from last night Smyth and O Donnel would be the most likely to start the game as they didnt play as much as many others did


Yeah if needed. Cian and young Gannon come in if fit…Sean Tracey I think will start also


Nolan has taken long-distance frees in the past? For club has I think anyway, so that is an option