70s/80s/90s Nostalgia ... a thing of the past




One of the most epic songs ever written


One of the best love songs ever…


Of course… a 70’s Nostalgia thread would offer this as the best love song ever…


@beeko thread title edited just for that!


It took a Lizzy song for you to act? :slight_smile:


Ha, I am child of the 80s but listen to mostly 70s proto/prog and metal these days


This is prob the place to talk about the tyrone game so …


Who remembers waiting outside the local newsagents on a Saturday evening between 5.45 and 6pm for the Final Score editions of the Evening Press and Herald? The moped with the big, back buckets into which the bundles of newspapers were loaded. As the bike would approach, turning sharply, sparks would fly up as the corner of the bucket would scrape off the concrete?


Before he was famous…

I reckon he wouldn’t know one end of a hurl from the other.


Back then, only Craobh Chiaran had more moustaches than An Garda Siochana.


He used to be at the bar in Jets!


And let’s face it … we all did …


Drama are showing The Bill from the beginning from Monday afternoon. Have the Sky record set :+1:


Anyone ‘originally’ from this neck of the woods?


Wang Chung ‘Dance Hall Days’ :wink:


Felt sorry for some of the Gardaí on this, they were nearly crying with emotion to get Mrs Murphys stolen bike or flowers back .


Walked up and down it to work for most of the 80s … in various states … especially Friday nights/ Saturday mornings …

I think this photo was shot on Gardiner St up near Mountjoy Square?



Cool stuff! Lived there form 74-78 then they fecked us out to Blanch. Me mam loved that street. She was heartbroken for years giving out about the smell of cow shit and no feckign buses for about ten years,