70s/80s/90s Nostalgia ... a thing of the past


When looking for this iconic 80’s sporting memory

I came across this…


Plastic sandals, horror of all footwear horrors.

They were the worst. By a mile.


Creedons show is a definite keeper alright. One of RTE’s best. Wouldn’t be a massive fan of his telly stuff. He lays on the twinkley eyed Cork tweeness, a bit too thick sometimes.

Anyone remember Mike Moloney on 2FM? Never became the big “star” like Gerry Ryan, Ian Dempsey, Dave Fanning and that lot. Dunno why. I loved him. He was on after Mark Cagney’s Late Shift, which came on after Dave Fanning. Both played some great stuff. A lot of my musical tastes today (as well as my less than stellar Leaving Cert results) can be traced back to staying awake 'till 1am listening to Leonard Cohen, Bonnie Raitt, BB King…

I have no happy memories of my Leaving Cert results night and have no interest in reliving it. I got the points to go to college, but the year was full of a lot of loss and death and sadness for my family, that marked the entire year down as one to forget and over shadowed pretty much everything that went on that year. My only sister also emmigrated to the States (for good) a few days after I got my results, so all in all it was a pretty shit summer and year. In typical Irish fashion, no one talked about what was going on, or tried to put any structure on processing grief, or dealing with it properly, or any of that airy fairy stuff. Thankfully, things are a bit different these days.


I remember as kid watching this movie about Nuclear war and it was like one of those Docudrama movies where they used real footage of news reporters etc. And I remember flecking shitting myself that it was really happening!

I think it was the movie

and then this

Flecking hell, scary ten year old! But then this came along and man it was brilliant, I remember been called of the field to come in quick because thriller was on!


Threads was another nuclear war movie from the 80’s that really upset me. Watched it again about 10 years ago and instantly regretted doing so. Grim doesnt sum it up enough.


Just read it , might give it a watch .


I thought Mike Moloney and Mark Cagney were both on the same show, just different nights? One of them (Moloney, I think) doing Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights and the other doing Monday to Thursday? The show used to start at 11pm or 11.30pm and finish at 1.50am, before the days of 24/7 radio. Mark Cagney used to sign off playing Moving Hearts’ May Morning Dew.
Both Cagney and Moloney played some great toons, apt for the time of night.


You may be right. I dunno. It’s so long ago now. I think Cagney’s show was called The Night Shift and it came on after Dave Fanning. I tried to listen to DF. He was so bloody cool in the 80’s, but his stuff was a bit too heavy and angry for the 18 year old me. My angry phase was my 30s ! :smiley:


Could never warn to the monotone of the Davester who was always trying just too hard to be cool. Coolness comes naturally … trust me. :sunglasses:

Nova was also good around then and the illegals were jockeying for position for when the licences came. Nova had a jingle in French - ‘c’est la musique pour toi, Radio Nova, Inter-nac-ional’ - which the current incarnation has resurrected …


I miss browsing in Freebird records, Pat Egan’s Sound Cellar (still run by Tommy Tighe) , Virgin on the quays, and the various Dolphin and Golden Discs. Getting excited after finding an album by an obscure band.
I know some of these places are still there but I have Spotify now.
Looking at all the vinyl in Tower records has me thinking of buying a turntable…


Maloney used to have a skit of a religious-thought-of-the-day broadcast, Emilia Golightly

“I was hanging the washing out on the line when a thought suddenly struck me. Isn’t a washing line full of clothes a lot like life?”.


“We are all fishing for something in life. And what are we fishing for?
Sole, that’s right, S.O.L.E !”


And her fixation on Bibi Baskin and constanty getting arrested for trying to tunnel into Montrose to meet her. Her best ones started with…“As I was sitting in the back of the squad car, trying to get the handcuffs off… again… I thought to myself isn’t life just like a pair of handcuffs?”

She was bloody hilarious. Taking the piss out of RTE on RTE itself, was ground breaking stuff back in the pre Apres Match Days.


She was also fascinated with Enya.
Did it ever become known who did the voice?


When we were very young kids, the vegetable man and coal man came by horse and cart and the bread van was electric so you could scut on the back of it. Was it the same elsewhere?


It’s only looking back that the whole arms race/ nuclear threat is put in perspective for me, Even all the CND protests at the likes of Greenham Common were reported at the time in a ‘look at the silly hippys’ kind of way, In hindsight it was probably a huge part in changing the attitudes of firstly the politicians and subsequently the actual policy makers in the likes of the British and German governments. For me the seriousness of the whole thing is more real now than when we were watching it happen. Programmes like Deutchland 83 that was aired a year or two ago really reminded me of how close to disaster the whole thing got. (On the upside the soundtrack of that series was great), so even if the world had vanished in a nuclear mushroom at least it was Nina and her 99 red balloons that would have been our final thought.


Actually, speaking of the terrors of the 80’s, just watching the 50 biggest sellers of the decade on Now 80s, and really enjoying classics like red red wine by UB40 and don’t stand by The Police, and then wedged in between them is Agadoo by Black Lace. Perhaps in hindsight we really do owe the current generation an apology…


Dunno, but Nighthawks (remember that?) had a faux Lovely Girl (Blanaid?) doing the pre show continuity bit in black and white. They were very similar in style and voice.

Kevin McAleer was funny too, doing nothing but reciting song lyrics. He made the heavy metal ones sounds especially funny, daft n’all as they generally are… ducks and runs…


Yep - we had a milk man - Premier Dairies on the Finglas Rd, long gone. We had a bread man (Buttercrust I think, Finglas again, still there) and if me and the brother were good the Ma would buy a cream doughnut between us (one each if she had the money) and we’d have it with a cup of tea for elevenses. We had fruit n veg delivery and we even had an Egg Man!! Coo coo cachoo Indeed! A fella used to come around on a Friday evening doing the pools as well! It was 10p I think and I could never understand what way it worked - it was just a load of English soccer teams to me.


There used to be this van that would go around selling all kinds of suff. They used to sell broken kit kats in a bag for a pound. Sometimes there be no wafer in the kit kat and you would be thinking fecking deadly. You would get a knock on the door ‘anything of the list’ they just dont do service like that any more but I suppose Tescos deliver to your door!

We had the video man come around and on request he would take out the special luggage case if any of the em older gentlemen wanted some scooby doors.