70s/80s/90s Nostalgia ... a thing of the past


Certainly does.

Savage tune


For all you Ferris Beullers Day off generation. Great cover of Please Please Please let me get what I want by Dream Academy. I had a serious thing for Kate St John.

Love this scene from the film

Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want dream academy ferris beullers


The outfit made its first appearance at OLV summer project. Masso…


Watched it there about 3-4 years ago. I can honestly say it is the scariest thing I’ve ever watched (it makes the Day After look like a Disney romp) mainly due to the sense of actual possibility that it has (or at least had). One of the scariest things were the Protect and Survive public service announcements, which were the actual real public service announcements that would have been used by the U.K. in the 70s. It would have been pretty terrifying to have seen these things on the TVs for real.


To tell the truth I doubt I will ever watch Threads again. What with *Frankie letting me know what the air attack warning sounded like and other shows I have no idea how I got through the mid 80’s! *One of the best 12inch singles EVER!!!


It was brilliant stuff. Got to the stage where I used to just crack up as she said, “when a thought…suddenly struck me.” Was that not on Gerry Ryan’s night-time radio program? Cagney and Moloney were brilliant shows, I remember late one night whichever one it was doing the later show played the whole of a live performance by Pink Floyd, it was mind-blowing stuff for me, Comfortably Numb, and then Shine on You Crazy Diamond, at about 1am, magical. I used to record some of the shows on cassette and then share/exchange with a mate who recorded other stuff. Oh the poverty of it all!

You’re right about the weeeeee bitteeeen of tweeness from The Creedster on the telly but the content of the programs is excellent. Speaking of the bould Gerry RIP, much as I really disliked his daytime show, I really enjoyed his previous night show, some good tunes, and some very funny stuff, especially some of the phone calls.


And put it all together with what the Tabloids were spewing on a daily basis, headlines about holocaust and diagrams/images of bomb-shelters that people should use. Astonishing propoganda, also about The Wild North of course.


Communards Don’t Leave Me, despite being a great tune, always gives me the shivers - it brings me back to the dreaded School Disco. I hated getting up from whatever dark corner I hid for the night in but for that song, everybody got up, so I had to shake my lanky, gangly, freaky thang. And it really was true, everybody was just looking at me!

My favourite Jimmi Somerville tune is Song for a Friend. He has done some really nice live versions in studio in recent years, very worth checking out on Youtube. Voice still has it.

Also on the subject of the dishco, I remember there was a big revival in 60s Soul/Motown etc around the late 80s, and a couple of those tunes always got played.



Remember that aswell brilliant!


Nah. She was deffo on Maloney’s show. Gerry Ryan had moved to day time radio, to be the voice of de yoof on 2FM.

Remember Terrence, the Cork hairdresser on Gerry Ryan’s show? Guess who he was in real life…none other than the bould Creedster. I kid you not !


Yeh remember Terence, somebody else mentioned him recently. Amusing, but not in the same league as Emilia. Did we ever find out who she was/is?


Dunno. The voices behind Zig and Zag and Dustin have remained a well kept secret, so good luck find out who did Herself.


Watching The Day of the Jsckal on Netflix - some cast - Edward Fox, Timothy West, Michael Lonsdale , Derek Jacobi , Cyril Cusack and others.


Love The Day of The Jackal !

My dad used to read all those Frederick Forsyth/Robert Ludlum 70’s thrillers. I remember robbing them on him & reading them, when I was supposed to be doing my homework. They were deadly. They don’t write/make daycint thrillers anymore, where good old fashioned police work & deductive reasoning saves the day. 'Tis all figured out by computers these days.


Seen it before , but it was a few years ago , good twists in it and no CSI stuff - the ruination of crime thrillers !


From an article today, Jossy’s Giants, even.


Speaking of Day of the Jackal, wrong thread I know but what a great tune On Becoming A Jackal is (Villagers). Really looking forward to see what the O’Brien chap is going to produce over the coming years. Even if he is a ROCK fooker from the SS.

Now let’s bring some of this nostalgia stuff into the present/future with a tune from the past that could, we hope, be perfect for next month…



EW&F just kicked ass, way ahead of their time, the bass and rhythm section was tighter than an Ulster Ultra blanket defence.

And then for pure coolness and harmonies, these guys:

And then just to bring the mood back up from number 11 on the doped dial…

If ever you wanted to know what was the difference between the 60s and 70s, you have it right there with those last two tunes and performances, only 5 years apart, and even in the same genre of pop music.