70s/80s/90s Nostalgia ... a thing of the past


I’m going soft here. But me skin and bliss had this at here first wedding song and it brought it a tear to my eye. I remember me oul dear loving it as well.


How did the book compare with it ?


Ah the book is totally different but we didnt care… the film was just so cool and we idiot design students…

The same with the Porno… T2 is based loosely on it. Both great jobs in fairness.


Yeah loved the first one , and really liked T2 .


You should read Skag Boys, Porno and Glue. Elaborates more on the Trainspotting universe


On second viewing T2 is better than I initially thought.


It was always going to be an ask to live up to the first but I really enjoyed . Standout for me was Renton & Begpie in the jacks , just brilliant stuff altogether when they realize who’s who :joy:


Yeah it was really good effort, really enjoyed though would have loved to see them introduce Juice Terry.


Thats actually in the book but he doesn’t cop who it is. Rents cops its the Beggar Boy.


Released the same year as Radiohead’s odious OK Computer and about a thousand times better. Saw them in the NCH a couple of years back play it from start to finish. Still one of my favourite albums of all time.


Tough listen that but it was a brilliant album .They were really on their game as far as arrangement was concerned .However you feel about them personally I feel Paranoid Android is a masterpiece .No surprises another cracker .But you have to be in the right mood to listen to that album .I remember saying once that listening to Radiohead was like staring at the corner of a room with the lights turned off .


Rock and roll’s best example of an emperor wearing no clothes.

Awful band. Awful album. A friend of mine reckoned they should have just called the album Je Suis Pretentious C€&t. And that was at the time. Before the phrase became more famous.

I totally agree with him


Each to their own but I’ve never bought any of their albums after it , they went seriously up their holes after it .



Ah that’s a blast of one-hit wonderness, The Birmingham Maiosnettes wasn’t it? The singer reminds me of someone else, similar era, can’t remember…aaaggh!

How about some Right On Stand Up?


The third guy with the guitar giving it loads with the whammy bar , not a hint if a guitar bit anywhere in that song :joy:.

Good tune though !


Jaysus she married very young


She did!


When did Radiohead play the NCH???


I was referring to Spiritualised. Sorry!