70s/80s/90s Nostalgia ... a thing of the past


I knew :wink:

Was a late convert to Radiohead and have to say I love em. And grunge and all sorts. Mad, me …


Speaking of grunge, my current playlist in the car is pure Seattle:

Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam

Some cracking tunes and great memories


Watching Reeling in The Years in the Ma’s.
Father Brian Darcy explaining the appeal of punk to “Ireland’s young people” :laughing:
& the Dubs V Armagh of course.
Thin Lizzy "Dancing in the Moonlight"
Setting the right mood for tomorrow.


Gladys Knight and her pips - that song rang around out house - 2 older sisters played that night and day . Watch the vid on that and the backing singers had better moves than some teams in Croker …


Enjoy the car radio while you can … Now That’s What I Call Music 6,484 will be the dish of the day when the young lad takes over …


A great film I always remember from the 70/80 is close encounters of a third kind… so I decided to watch it now great flick.


First Blu Ray I bought , great movie .


My daughter came into the room and watched a bit of top of the pops 1984

I explained what it was.

“How could you listen to that, its awful”

“Go to bed!”

Bloody kids.


Had planned to watch that , after Inspector Montalbano , but had to pick up kids from friends house . Bloody kids is right !!


Hey lads … ye do know that (presumably) these kids are knocking around through your own choices and actions - yeah? … and don’t come back with the ‘what’s seldom is wonderful’ line …


And all the films…The Breakfast Club…Ferris Bueller’s Day Off…
And the best film of all time…Withnail and I! We were spoilt really!


Aspiring Dave Grohl that he is…

Loves playing the drums on his car seat!


First flick I ever saw in the cinema, Savoy 1, 10 years old, can you imagine the impact? Hard to have a ‘wow’ moment in cinema after that, ET left me underwhelmed. And Close Encounters stands the test of time as a film, simple story, emphasis on the style and atmospherics, and sense of wonder. Special effects brilliant but very sparingly used.

Looking at the domestic scenes in it, life in the USA in those days was a million miles from what most of us grew up with. Aliens indeed!


Dreyfuss was brilliant in it. Your right… it really stands the test, SFX is still brilliant and hits you with a huge burst of nostalgia.


1983 is the year in review in Reeling in the Years . A great year :rofl:


Was working in England so watched it in a house in Gravesend on Channel Four. Grim times at home work wise. My friends told me the crushing on Hill 16 was unreal that day.


My first year on the Hill. It was very scary, crowds wise. I saw feck all in the crush. If my brother hadn’t ensured we got there early enough to get a spot in front of one of the barriers, it could have been really dangerous.


Was on Canal end in '83. Dad put me and younger brother up on back wall next to scoreboard sayin you’ll be safe. Yet never mentioned the 100 ft drop onto railway tracks behind us.


Remember Pretty in Pink? Oh come on. I know you do. Molly Ringwald, the redhead from Breakfast Club.

AnyHOO, she was was the gal from the wrong side of the tracks, but she had a car…at age 18…a bloody car ! At age 18. Ok, so it was a crappy piece of shit, Carmain Ghia and her Prince Charming drove a Porsche, but it blew my mind, that 18 year olds in America, all had their own cars, even the so called poor ones. Mindblowing stuff altogether !

AND she had her own phone (a pink push button one) in her own bedroom. Very unlike the clunky yoke that stood on our hall table, that everyone had to share. She could put one caller on hold and take an incoming call. I so wanted to be able to tell people “hang on, I’ve got another call.” American domestic life all seemed so exotic in the 80’s !


All this talk of 83, and the stories Ive heard from friends about the Hill it was 85 or 86 before my mam let me off to go to Croker on my own to see a Dubs game. One of my club mentors was on the stiles at the Canal so that was my 1st port of call when going to Croker. Still have an great affection for the auld Canal to this day.