70s/80s/90s Nostalgia ... a thing of the past


Indeed and I do remember the lovely Mollser, but then I always had a thing for gingers. And she had a nice petulant scowl, not like Andy’s macho scowl. I remember once going to/through Sutton (of all places!) as a kid, along a street of big, broad, open, sloping gardens (no hedges) and fancy bungalows. It immediately reminded one (having grown up in the grim, treeless, terraced pebble-dashed, vandalised grey grid of Edenmore) of America TV programs/films.

Did you get one of those phones? In 1977 my sister and her cool b/f went to Canada for a holiday, Toronto with it’s fancy CN Tower, and we all had great imagery of the Olympics in Montreal the year before, super modern futuristic glamour and all that. In anyway she brought us back two things (one of which I still have) that were the best presents of the time:

A bright yellow frisbee, with a shiney gold bit in the middle. And…(bearing in mind that the film Convoy was out around then, with uber cool Kris Kristofferson, and the CB radio craze was full on)…a pair of two-way cordless ‘phones’ or whatever, that looked like the yokes they were using on the Starship Enterprise. Possibly the best gifts we ever got really. I still have the frisbee. I recently rescued it against all odds from a river in Kilmallock where my nearest and dearest had almost disastrously thrown it. Had to wade through the river. Strange place Kilmallock.

On the subject of The Hill again, that was also my first year to go there (83), and how could any year following the Dubs since ever live up to that? Miracle that many weren’t crushed that day. Barney’s goal still one of the best ever scored in an All-I final, sort of made up for ‘the goal’ in 78, a bit.

I was looking at a replay of the dreaded 2009 earwigs game again there the other day, (reminding oneself to be more than grateful for what we have had since, and still have, and hoping it won’t all come crashing down in two weeks), when as Emilia said, a thought suddenly struck me: (apart from the 17 point massacre, and my hand on my face every time we missed a goal chance, so similar to 2004 and most of the 2001 games -maybe not dissimilar to more recently(!) - and the memories of how we had become favourites to win that day and, laughably, put an end to that great Kerry team), was that considering all the negative comments the Hill support get from their fellow supporters (some on here), it was droves of people in the stands who left early that day, while the Hill stood en masse and stared til the bitter end, like some sort of poignant Beatles song.

In fact you can see in closer up shots where the Hill, specifically the reprobates and bodhran biffers right behind the goal continues to encourage, chant/sing and try to shout the lads on at various stages, even when the game is so far gone it’s in Mulligan’s having a pint with Con Houlihan.


Yeah to this day I stand with my back to a barrier and go as high up as I can although the reasons for it went years ago.

Was looking at the Tyrone match in 84 the other day. The hill was spikey that day.


The COOLEST of cool 70’s cats !. Seen him live many times. I even named the old Resser travel thread (10-4 Rubber Ducky) in his honour. Also the writer of the best country song of all time, as judged by a seriously cool cat himself, none other than Mr Johnny Cash. Bonus puh-wah for anyone who can name the song, without using yer Google machines.

No offense, but never really saw the point of frisbees. Useless fuckin’ inventions altogether. Although my serious lack of hand/eye coordination, in addition to my two left thumbs is probably playing a role there.


I’d guess the sing as Sunday Morning Coming Down .

Went to The Point years ago , think it was The Four Horsemen - Kris Kristofferson , J Cash , Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson . Bit cliched in parts but great to hear the voices and see them in person .


I was wondering why that frisbee was getting bigger and bigger. And then it hit me.


Fixed that for you! Best drinking song ever maybe. After Gerry Rafferty’s Night Owl. Kris would surely have fitted in nicely in the series Vikings. They needed a musical element in that, it was sadly neglected.


Not everyone’s cup of tae, but I love it!


Yeh that sort of stuff is very much my cuppa Rufus, and I’ve always liked Steve Harley’s style. Of course their massive hit from the following album after that is one of the greatest pop songs that never grows old. It was used so well in the film The Full Monty, really capturing the mood and moment of depressed late 1980s urban north of England (even though it came from 1975 in London), but it captured brilliantly a nostalgic sense of what had gone, and what could still yet be, when the grim realities of life were forgotten for a moment and musical escapism took over.

I reckon if Steve Harley and a really good band had been around in the late 60s recording that sort of quality of stuff they could have been up there as one of the huge bands. But between things falling apart so quickly with his first band, and the time that he came along, it never quite fit, he didn’t belong to his time really.

I know it’s simplistic but I always think when Steve Harley/Cockney Rebel are mentioned, it reminds me of Mott The Hoople, another band who were so close to being massive but didn’t quite have enough plus whatever circumstances etc. And All The Young Dudes ranks alongside Come Up And See Me as a timeless classic.


One band that didn’t ‘make it’ but were really good was Steamhammer. They had four albums but MK 2 is easily their best. Their guitarist, Martin Quittenton, co-wrote Maggie May with Rod Stewart. They were a fairly straightforward Blues and Rock band, but great musicians.


I’d have guessed “Me and Bobbyy McGee”. Ever heard Janis Joplin’s version?


Yeah, not a fan. Far too much screeching. Much prefer the KK version. Yeah, JJ is the iconic 60’s rock chick and all, but I can only tolerate that much screeching, if Kev Mc has just scored a wonder goal against Kerry, there is a spider within a 100 ft radius of me, or I’ve gotten lemon juice in a paper cut.

Comrade dubincork gets the douze puh-wah btw. T’was Sunday Morning Coming Down.


Delira with that . A cup of tea will be had now with some very fine bisquits


I like Kristofferson’s original version a lot but prefer Joplin’s version.


Love Joplin’s version.


BBC 4 has TOTP from 1984 on now - some miming !


Remember this?


Forgotten about that - good old Beeb and their miming policy


Good old Kenny …


Scumbag College … :smile:


Guy is holding a Spanish/Classical guitar while the sound is a steel stringed guitar.
Did they think they were going to play live only for the record to play?
Great song, nonetheless. 1988, I believe? Fairground Attraction had their one big hit around the same time - another band who sounded great acoustically.