70s/80s/90s Nostalgia ... a thing of the past


Ben Elton, Emma Thompson, Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie. Gryff Rhys Jones played Bamber Gascoigne.


It was perfect …


Jockey Wilson’s face appears behind Dexys Midnight Runners when they sing Jackie Wilson Said on TOTP 1982. It wasn’t a mistake though, it was planned.


Eddi Reader, really liked this one, great voice - Patience of Angels


Have it on my playlist on my phone.


It’s got to be.


Remember the famous Rod Stewart sketch…with the leopard print spandex britches?

Still funny as fcuk 30 years later. :joy: :joy: :joy:


Amateurs! Amateurs! Fookin 'ell man! :grin:


The young fella who is ten loves queen don’t know where he got to know them so we watched Flash Gordon 1980 - yes as cheesy as Daniel O’Donnell giving a tea party but jaysus great Queen soundtrack!


Well, you ARE in The Royal County, in fairness.


Unfortunately! :unamused:


Awesome soundtrack , Brian May was a brilliant guitarist in his pomp .


And he was very modest about it too… Said nobody ever.


All the dialogue from the film inserted into the music is fantastic.

I have all of "real"queens albums - on tape :slightly_smiling_face:They’re also downloaded onto the phone. The tapes of the early albums up to news of the world are the original trident ones and have “also available on 8 track cartridge” on them!!!


In the space capsule is quite good. The drums are deadly in it.


Yes, a great track.


Some lad on YouTube ‘stretched’ it out. Actually not bad. Real chill out vibe to it.


Wouldn’t take a piss in that place now . Dunsink Dump situated beside it
Believe it’s going to be knocked down soon for a new hotel


Wha’??? Which place? Where?


It’s a crack house now I hear.