70s/80s/90s Nostalgia ... a thing of the past


4 year old finished the free Montessori so at home with me in the mornings now. I had RTE junior on today and Zig and Zag were on it! Same voices, or else some very close impersonations. Not the puppets, its a cartoon version of the show. Also on was Danger mouse, still going strong. Not 90s but after that the cartoon about Roy came on, where he is a cartoon character and all the others are actors. Did Kidney Bongos tell us he was involved in creating that or knows the lad who created it? Keith was in the episode today. Obviously the acting career is flying!


Which roy ?


Badly drawn Roy.


Yep thats the one. It’s quite funny actually. Takes the piss out of the Da a lot


This ?




Shot a bit around the Torf


the Zig and Zag cartoons were made a while ago (10 years, maybe 20)

Danger Mouse is on a brand new run, Bob the Builder likewise (and has been reinvented)

but the best of all is Thunderbirds are go. The launch sequences are F.A.B.


I know this is probably blasphemy but I prefer the CGI Thomas the Tank Engine to the old models.


Which CGI one though?




It was even better when Thomas was in CIE


the show went CGI in 2008, and changed CGI studios in 2013.

I admit i had to look the dates up, but i do remember not liking the 2013 redo.


Ah now I get ya, sorry, I like the latest version tbh.


Remember seeing this on my timeline before
Horrific :hushed:
Poor Henry :sweat:


Mainly Ballyfermot, it is a product of the animation school there AFAIK.


A mate of mine lived in St Lawrence’s Rd and I’m positive they were filmed in that house a few times.


Get you! Wooo-Oooohh!


It may well have been but I think a lot of it was in Ballyfermot, I certainly recognised a few places the odd time I saw it when the young one watched


Some gaff alright. Should really have been on the Southside …