Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2018


Rest and repair. Will be up and running again in a fortnight or so.

Judes pitch is awful alright. Nowhere near senior standard for a pitch.


Pitch didn’t suit judes at all either, way too narrow for senior teams…, main pitch is being levelled drained and recreated as a sand based grass pitch, a prunty job.


Pitch last night in David’s could have done with a bit of grazzing, grass very very long…


What’s the new format for Division one this year?


Top 4 playoff for the winners

Bottom 2 relegated

3rd bottom vs 4th bottom to stay up


Wow, big change. Harsh on the 3rd v 4th bottom teams


maybe on the 4th but 3rd was still in a playoff under old format


Keeps more games competitive to the end, also.


11 points would have had you in it last year, and that included Clontarf losing every game

So you could win 6 of 15 and go down. Competitive is right!


Is it the same format for the rest of the leagues?


For Relegation yes it’s the same for all the divisions.

Promotion for AFL 2 down is top 2 up automatically with 3rd and 4th playing off for the 3rd promotion spot.


It does in the relegation side of things but changing the promotion playoffs from top 5 teams to 4 will reduce it on the other end. Only applies from div 2 down though so not relevant to div 1


I still don’t see why they reduced the promotion playoffs to 3rd and 4th, instead of leaving it to 4 teams (5th and 6th in), in the leagues below AFL1.

It’d be one more game (two i know, but one more game round as such) and would have meant that pretty much every game in a league of 16 would be competitive, as 90% of teams would almost certainly be looking at top 6 or bottom 4 right til the last or penultimate game.

As it is, I reckon there will be a good few dead rubber late games, with teams in mid-table obscurity, which almost always screws someone over.


I’d be on the other side of the fence.

Its only one game but can drag things on for 4/5 weeks when you throw in bad weather and hurling etc


I was on the wrong end of exactly that last year with Ballyboughal’s run in Leinster…however, would still view it as the lesser of the two evils…by some distance tbh!

There is nothing worse than having your season over by the end of July, when you may have a couple of league games left and can’t go up or down…

actually there is…having it ruined by some other team who are mailing it in from mid-summer.

How often have you seen a team relegated, not because they were the second worst team in the league, but because a team worse than them played a couple of half jnr C team in Sept…or worse got a w/o…the more teams interested at the business end of the year the better…keeps lads around and engaged too


Fair points, and yous really did get the wrong end of the stick re the Playoff Final v Boughal!

Thats the way things go in all leagues (re teams with nothing to play for ) in all sports but id still prefer the way things are at present. If it means not waiting around in the depths of November for games, then Im for it.


Would a solution to it be like some other counties do . Play league from March to sept . Championship then starts only my thoughts


Maybe, although I don’t mind the current calendar…
As always with this conversation, it’s quite simply about the maths…there are too many games to fit into the ideal window for gaelic games (march-oct) to accommodate the dual player, club and county.

35 weeks - Mar-April
15 league football & 15 league hurling
3-6 Champo (x2 codes)…
cups…why bother…

So we are already talking about more games than weeks and we haven’t even started talking about clashes with the Dubs (both codes), two week summer holiday window, bank holidays, colleges (for some), U21 etc. etc…


Na fianna 2-12 Davis 2-11


Cuala beat Plunketts by a goal, pretty much the last kick. Probably the better side although it could have went either way

Hopefully Brolly gets stuck into this “HOW LONG!!!” blight that happens the second the keeper puts the ball on the tee nowadays