Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2018


Syls beat Plunketts


Na Fianna beat Croker by 2


Mun beaten by Olafs by 4 or 5 I think. Some pace to the modern senior game.


Vincents beat Jude’s 1-14 to 1-12 out in Tymon.


Cuala 1-9 Davis 10, ref done his best to get cuala the win, frustrating watching him


Ye but… Davis’s so…?


3.11 Boden 0.10 Maurs


Excellent game out in Tymon last night, good pace to it without an ounce of trouble.


Were you the ref?
Checked website… you was…
Fair play. It takes two good teams and a decent referee to make such a game.


Never blow my own trumpet but was a great game to ref, always easier when 2 teams want to play football. Could of went either way but Vins brought on Ger and Mossy in the 2nd half which helped them get over the line.


And that doesn’t mean you (or any other referee) shouldn’t get praise when it’s deserved.

On a side note, you’d gladly pay a few Euro in to watch such a game as against some of the stuff that qualifies for Senior Inter-County Football Championship games. Fair play to both teams.


Balinteer got good win in Castleknock. Balinteer moved the ball much better than Castleknock and took their chances. I have never seen so many hand passes and lack of kicking in a game. Very disappointed in castleknock.


Na Fianna looked excellent last night
Serious outfit with loads of young lads

The pace of the game was frantic


I’d say they are missing a few with exams/holidays. That’s a couple of bad defeats, and the second team didn’t look great against Plunketts last night considering they’d been going well. Can happen at this time of year


Lucan very very poor last night v brigids funny time of the year but important to pick up points


Very important to pick up points. Lads will probably head to the states over coming weeks also


Did Vins have 16 players on pitch when they got the goal ???

Judes left it behind them in final minutes of first half when conceding a few sloppy points at a time when dominating thd game. DA Donnellys left footed free from almost left sideline 45 m out had to be seen to be believed .

Was an enjoyable midweek game for the spectators anyways


On the goal, vinnies tried to bring in a sub as the game was going on, so he just ran off to the other sideline. Agree Judes will feel they left this one behind them.


Cheers, I was at the other end so didn’t know what was happening…


Third of way through the season, anyone hazard a guess at who will be at business end of season and who will be in trouble? Looks like there are 11 teams who could be potentially be in a dog fight and it is hard to read form based on results so far?