Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2018


Alot of teams will be in trouble with the new format right up until last game of 2


D7/D15 could be hosting division 2 football next year. Olafs good start might keep them dry


If there was a club game played anywhere in the country better than NaF v Crokes I’d love to have seen it. Pace , skill levels, team play from both teams was incredible. NaF are some outfit. Got nothing out of Byrne again as wing back but at least they moved him up forward at half time. A forward line including Aaron Byrne, Deegan, maybe Brady, McHugh, Caffrey, Glen O Reilly (outstanding Wednesday ) is as good as you’ll get anywhere.

Crokes not bad at all. Strong at the back, I’ve said here before Cian O Connor has been changed from an average club corner forward into potentially an outstanding inter county wing back. Competition is fierce for Dubs but watch out for him over next couple of years. County under 15 final against Vinnies show Crokes production line is about to start humming again. Some real prospects including one who’s as good as I’ve ever seen.

No Murch, Cooper, McHugh,Cian,Mannion, O Shea. But a brilliant game. If NaF don’t win county in next couple of years I’ll get my coat.


Add James Doran to that list of NaF forwards as well of course. Umpire the other night. Massive footballer.


Can’t read much from U15. Crokes, and others, have had plenty of players who were superb at that level who never really made it at senior.


Great to see you back posting Aldo. Won’t forget back on the old site you were one of the very few who agreed with me when Con came on the scene in the O Byrne cup a few years back that he’d play championship that year.

On o Connor, where has this transformation come from? Always a good footballer but then this year has showed more than o shea and McGowan. He must only be 22/23 too?

Agree on your summary of na fianna. A serious outfit on paper who could still play a big role in this years championship yet


I know.


Crokes selector is Robbie Leahy. Was an average enough forward who, as I recall, Tommy Lyons changed into a corner back. Won an AI in '95, played some league for the dubs. Just a great bit of stuff, who had outrageous pace and was really suited to corner back even though he’d always been a forward. I see exactly the same with O Connor. I consider him definitely better than one of the Crokes defenders on the Dublin panel and would argue he’s better than both. IMO.

Under 15 final was eye opening. Just the standard of young footballer in Dublin I think is incredibly high.


Both of these teams are a long way off the cut, Vins, Ballymun are streets away from these believe me, Men against Boys…


Vincents are ahead of anyone, as proven year in year out. My worry for Ballymun is up front - two savage players in Rock and Small but the supporting cast haven’t done it in the biggest games. Look at the Championship final last year vs Vinnies when Small was carrying a knock, I think they got less than 10 points in that game.


Vinnies Brigids tomorrow night now on in st David’s 7:30.


‘Mun also have young Conor Kavanagh. A serious prospect.


If Ted is fully fit he will cause problems for most backs aswell


Will any of the Dublin players play tonight?


They should ALL be playing tonight and tomorrow.


Only one game tonight and none tomorrow as it’s a hurling week so there won’t be anyone playing next round as it’s a couple of days out from Longford game.


Forgot it was a hurling week.

Vins beat Brigids 11-9. Not a great game. Vins in experimental mode. A lot of young lads with a couple of older heads. Did well enough.


Kavanagh has never really done it though. Seems to miss a lot of games, maybe he was injured/not interested. Definitely a good underage player.

Agree with that other poster, I think outside of their county players, the Mun support cast, which was very good when they won the county, hasn’t been good enough.

I can’t see how Vins continue to dominate , plenty of teams who should be able to put it up to them. But have to be favourites until somebody knocks them off the pedestal, because they keep doing it.


Pitch suited Jude’s style of play. It’s not suitable for grazing cows on.

What’s happening your main pitch?


Winning an under 15 championship means nothing for the future of your Senior team.