Adult Football League 3 (AFL3) 2017


Curragha is more a local Derby for Ballyboughal than they would encounter against most Dublin clubs.


Don’t think the venue has been confirmed yet,hopefully it is in boughal it was a great day for the village,I’m sure there will be plenty of needle is this one aswel


Match confirmed for boughal pitch 2.00 Saturday, it wasn’t looking likely at the start of the week. Hopefully now we can make use of home advantage, in what promises to be a stellar encounter.


Hey @Whacker it’s not every year Boughal go all provincial so get into that auld provincial All Ireland thread …

Up the Boughal!


That’s true great to be playing for such honours at this time of year, fingers crossed all going well il join yous in it next week my friend.


Best of luck to Boughal. Delighted for all the hard work over the last 7 or 8 years.


Well done today lads,proud day to be from the boughal


Well done to Gerry and all the Boughal lads and ladies. Maith sibh!


Come on the boughal,


Lets hope the weather is not as bad down in Wexford or we may bring our wellies


If its raining, stick the match programe on your head for shelter.


Boughal v barróg this Sunday in boughal


Boughal will be hard to beat in their own ground. Very tight pitch. Which suits them.


This game might be a week or two early for boughal if the lads might be carrying a couple of knocks from their run. Barróg have had a lot to look at and plenty of prep time. I wouldn’t like to call it, but reckon it’s a good opportunity for barróg to catch them.
Hope the pitch is ok :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


When was Barrogs last competitive game? Very hard to keep lads interest when you’re due to play game without a confirmed date for so long.


About a month ago they bet Finbars. Heard they’ve been playing challenge games against U21 teams which is better then nothing but still not the same as competitive games.


They played our Inters a couple of weeks ago.


I agree long gap doesn’t help 6/8 weeks at a guess. Their level of training has been at a very high standard and with a win guaranteeing promotion all the incentive you need


Not with the chance to go back senior league , they’ll be looking at this like a county final and I’d say they’ve been training like dogs. As a neutral I’ve only ever seen barrog play a few times and never seen boughal play but it would be great to see them playing senior ball , best of luck to both teams


How did that match go?