Adult Football League 3 (AFL3) 2018


Get the ball rolling…

St Pats D
Naomh Fionnbarra
Kilmacud Crokes
St Paeregrines
St Brigids
Erins Isle
Round Towers
St Marks
Naomh Barrog
Trinity Gaels
Good Counsel


Erins isle should be in there instead of Vincents


who will win it Counsel??


My money is on Lusk if they can keep the young lads away from the States


Hard to say!

Barrog, Parnells, Lusk, Finbarrs were all in the shake up last year. Will probably be the same.


I wouldn’t discount TG from making some headway, there is a fair amount of precedent recently of the winners of 4 continuing the good habits formed the year before.

Regarding the relegated teams, it can be a bit of a mixed bag. Get their sh*t together and regroup (Barrog last year) or hard to stop the rot (TG the year before, Finians before them) .

Finally, you never really know what you are gonna get from the second teams. Depends a lot on what goes on at the top team in those clubs and how they transistion/keep their young lads…


Finnbars prob favs followed by barrog maybe erins isle. Any idea wen fixtures usually released


Early Feb last year


Will probably be earlier this year with the leagues due to start on the 18th feb


a lot of teams very evenly matched this year


McCarthy back? He’s a handful when on song.

Is McGuinness still playing? Another tidy footballer, how old is he now?


Best of luck with that as you may need it.

You won’t meet a bigger spoofer

Well seeing what club you’re with you probably have !!


Still at it i heard aswel . Off topic though


Thats QOTW material.


any idea when fixtures will be out??


he must be some spoofer if VM isn’t even the biggest spoofer of the two man coaching ticket


Here we are lads, a good local derby for us at the start :smirk:


Barrs beat isles by 3 I think it was. Good tough opening game overall. Isles chasing the game mostly after conceding 2 early goals. Life in div 3 is tough going, such a competitive league. Isles will be thereabouts for promotion you’d imagine but they won’t find it easy.


Lusk beat Peregrines by 3. Very good start


Ballymun won high scoring game according to twitter against ballyboden. Both promoted teams from div 4 beaten hope they do well like to see 1st teams as high as possible.