Adult Football League 3 (AFL3) 2019

The same way as a club with the 3rd choice keeper did!!!

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Hasn’t played championship but played a few league games. He was on bench for a couple championship games.

Why should we have to play the game if our goalkeeper is unavailable? The same way other teams don’t have to play when missing their players. As we’ve seen over the last decade, the goalie is now one of the most important positions on the pitch and it’s no different in our team. Mick is a great goalie and while our second keeper has stepped up in different games this season and performed very well, at this stage of the season every point is crucial and I think it’s unfair that we’re getting a hard time because we won’t play a match without arguably one of our best players


If a guy is involved in the 26 agree , but no disrespect to butsy or Mick they wont be on final day in 2 week so why are 40 lads left without a game this weekend when they could play for their club


The point is theres no reason for him not to he available? Games are put back till October now dependent on championship results… bit of common sense should prevail instead of cancelling games 2 weeks before a final for players that wont be involved. Club players played there last league game at the end of July and won’t play till mid September competitively now… that should be prevented as much as possible


I’d have more of a problem with county board fixing the game for the same day. Daly I’m sure has burst his bollicks all year and has been key in preparation for this game. They should be allowed enjoy the build up of an All Ireland final

Barrog beat Counsel
Pats D beat Margaret’s

Any other scores

Isles and trinity drew

O’Tooles beat Mun. Both teams playing a game that meant nothing with a ref who thought he was center of the universe.

Brigids beat Man o war.

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So the top 4 is Barrog (promoted 1st or second), Ravens (can still finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd), St Anne’s (2nd or 3rd). Trinity (4th)

Loads still to play for

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Bad result for parnells maybe they should have cancelled the game without their keeper

If Annes are to lose the last 2 games and Trinity win in there last game it’s an away trip for annes in the playoffs

Be some kick in the teeth if Ravins where to win the last 3 games and barrog lost the league

You’re correct, Anne’s can finish 2nd, 3rd or 4th and Trinity can finish 3rd or 4th. Still in the mixer, that playoff game is an absolute nightmare to predict, but home advantage is huge.

Some year for barrog they are one game away from winning this league and hurlers have already won ahl2. Would there be many dual players?

one of the favourites to win inter championship also in football

Probably slightly less than has been historically the case (not by design).

I guess empirically it would appear that this has helped, I would say it is a coincidence.

IMO it has more to do with a number of years of good underage structures coming through (both codes going back to the work of Martin Nolan and others)…
and in the football (I can’t speak for the hurling) some very very good coaching!


See Margaret’s beat Vincent’s last night 2-13 to 1-11

Very tight down the bottom in regards to the drop big scramble ahead to avoid the playoffs/relegation between Man o War Peregrine’s Brigid’s Vincent’s God knows when it’ll be all finished result last night leaves Margarets safe now