Adult Football League 4 (AFL4) 2018


Monicas beat Plunketts


Plunketts Played Finian’s last night lost by 6/7 think it was 2-10 to 2-17


Swords or Newcastle?




St Vincent’s 1-16, St Monica’s 1-10


Finians (S) beat Vinnies by 5. 5/6 teams in the shake up with 4 games left.


Any other results?


Clannagael bet Cuala
Mags bet Plunketts
Man of War bet Raheny
Skerries bet Monicas


Anyone know if Mags/TD was played on 19th of May? No result in…


I think it was abandoned because of a bad injury I could be wrong?


Lovely finish to the match :zipper_mouth_face:


Anyone know when the last round of fixtures are going to be refixed? 25th of Aug? Or is it confirmed all games are off as their still fixed on the website?


Vincents and Margaret’s off due to unplayable pitch :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.
I presume it’ll be refixed for Margaret’s. Awful waste of Saturday.


At 5 o clock I heard it was called off? Yet the ref arrived and deemed it playable. True?


Seems v odd. I’d have assumed only person who can deem a pitch unplayable is the ref.


Correct. From 9am on the morning of an evening game, only the ref can make the call on pitch playability. Likely that Maggies will be awarded the points!!

Margarets pitch was available and offered!!


Yep. Happened crokes last year versus Lucan.


Raheny beat finians Newcastle


Cop out so. Did vinnies seniors not play at home? @alanoc?


They played at home yes