Adult Football League 5 (AFL5) 2018


St Peregrine’s 3-10 _ 3-15 to Brigid’s .

Brigids had been 9 down just before half time


Pathetic Rochey


I’ve never had this guy before but my god !!! There is no way this guy should ever be allowed to ref a game ever again! From start to finish he was shocking, for both teams !


As he was about to throw the ball in and then realised the whistle was in the car, I said to your no 8 that this was only the start of how bad it was going to get. He didn’t believe me but said it to me after the game


:joy::joy::joy: nothing would suprise me


Na Fianna 1-15 Templeogue 1-13


Maurs beat Ballymun well.


Lucan Sarsfields 0-22
O’Dwyers 0-05


Clontarf 2-10 - Brendans 1-14


Is the layout of this top 2 go up 3vs 4 play off to also be promoted?
Apologies if it’s been answered before.


Yeah it’s due to be, not sure how the numbers stack up for 2019 if thats the case though


I presume there will be 1 relegated and 3 promoted from 6


CCC published leagues at the start of the year highlighting no relegation from AFL 5 for 2018, seems an oversight or they were hopeful that someone would give two walkovers possibly?!


So there is relegation? One down automatically and then relegation playoff between second and third bottom?


There has to be something. 3 teams are to come up from AFL6 so 1 has to go down as the league only currently has 14 teams but should have 16.


This was highlighted early days. They need to clarify ASAP.


Ah controversy involving AFL 6, who’d have thought it? :joy:


From the CCC Gradings Email


Ballinteer St Johns
Ballyboden St Endas
Ballymun Kickhams
Erins Isle
Lucan Sarsfields
Na Fianna
Round Towers ©
St Brendans
St Brigids
St Maurs
St Peregrines
Templeogue Synge St
No Relegation from AFL 5 in 2018
except for 2 failures to fulfil.


Thats clearly incorrect though.


My point is they can’t tell clubs there is no relegation at the start of season then decide there is at the end. There is no mechanism in the ccc regulations to relegate just 1 team from a league.