Adult Football League 6 (AFL6) 2017


What about the ineligible player???


Where his brain ought to be.


Replay the game in 12th Lock - simple…
They even had a score board out there


Starlights v whoever in the undercard


Floyd and Mc Gregor might have spare capacity…


2 weeks for the player & 8 weeks for the mentor in charge I believe


And 2 points to the opposition :wink:


Yes 2pts would be awarded to objecting team in the event the objection is proven.

If there is no objection & just a CCC investigation which found an ineligible player then points would be forfeited without award.


Any result from Plunketts vs Ravens?


This tread is gas AFL6 now more contentious than AFL1 & SFC. Wonder if the intensity on the pitch is a patch on what it is here. PH you need to read the below Lucan lads comment & Judes offered to play anyother day, were refused and then turned to play the game just couldnt get required 15 on the day so your argument about using inters and protecting points is non sense. Is that what goes on in your club?


Yes,I was playing so I think I would have more information than people watching, there is no point in arguing about this with you but what I said above is the truth though I’m not overly bothered either way, no hard feelings anyway, its only a game, ref got incorrect score so its more of an issue for the ref than both teams, he did realise he got the score wrong but in fairness to him he was in a difficult situation at that point, thought the ref was decent during the course of the game but obviously just made a clerical error by accident. First I heard of an inelegible player was on this forum so cant comment on that, if there was an inelegible player then fair enough let whoever has to deal with it deal with it I suppose but this is the first I’ve heard of it, you sound have solid proof that an inelegible player was played so I can only take your word for it


Haha - bad time to bring it up. Ravens arrived with no jerseys. Asked for 5 minutes as they were on the way. At 11.30 there was still no sign so the ref awarded the game to Plunketts


Jaysus, eventful weekend in this league anyway


So the player in question who scored 3 points is not 17 and is on your team for the year, surely you know everyone on your team and if you don’t you’d enquire who they were especially if he’s a good player as stated above???


Maybe it was bigballs in disguise… just putting it out there


With my moisturising routine I’d certainly pass for a 17 year old :sunglasses:


big big loss of two points from ravens, they might have just thrown away their chance of play offs because someone forgot the jerseys… #onlyinthegaa


Is there more to this one? Were there more players missing with the jersies??

Not the refs job to award the points!!! Have often seen the games played with jersies inside out, bibs on and even tracksuits!!! Play the game and let the County Board deal with it.


Same happened in a Div 8 game a few weeks ago. Ref originally said walkover, however co.board have refixed the game.


Just to repeat, it is not within the refs remit to award a walkover. Ref the match and let the clubs battle it out later in Parnell Park if they want to. (I know you are only highlighting a similiar situation but too many people, including refs, do not know how to deal with issues outside the norm like this!!!)