Adult Football League 7 (AFL7) 2017


Fixtures available here


How are you getting these? I can only find them using your links, no way of finding them through the Dublin gaa site


They are all there. Not searchable but by manually scrolling through all fixtures


fair play to you.
Hard to understand why DCB still haven’t got them up yet.


But you have them per league, how are you managing that?


When you scroll through all fixtures and get to page 9 ( and 10 ( of them it shows the first round of the league. You can then click on the league headings, highlighted in red below and this will bring you to each leagues fixtures, results & table.


Ah got it now, fair play. Some patience!


Liffey Gaels
St Annes
St James Gaels An Caislean
O Tooles
St Margarets
St Kevin-Killians
Scoil Ui Chonaill
Thomas Davis
Na Gaeil Oga Cuala
Wild Geese
Naomh Barrog
Naomh Fionnbarra
St Marys S
Ballinteer St Johns


Predictions for this weekend

St James Gaels
St Margaret’s
Liffey Gaels
Thomas Davis


Scoil beat Garristown by 7. Tight game up till last 10 mins when scoil pulled away. Scoil have very good team should do well this year IMO


Nh Barrog v St Marys called off.


Na Gaeil Óga v Wild Geese off.


BSJ v Cuala OFF


Na Gaeil Óga beat O’Tooles.


Garristown 1-16 st James gaels 0-11


St Marys 0-7 BSJ 0-11 Poor Conditions. Pitch was awful.


Any result from St. Margarets v St. Annes? or was it postponed?


KK beat OTOOLES this morning not sure the score a good few in it at the end


Very lucky win by Na Gaeil Óga over James Gaels/An Caisleán, 1:10 to 1:09.


Annes by a point according to Hill 16