Adult Football League 7 (AFL7) 2019

Never played in fails, so don’t know the pitch

We only seem to beat teams when they are weakened according to a few comments on this.

Ain’t no slope on fails pitch

Marys beat fails 3:13 to 1:11 marys were at home just checked. Promotion game obviously different. Fails at home this time around. Will be tight id imagine! Is that fails only adult team?

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Id be fairly confident that there is and it falls down from top pitch towards the clubhouse. Might not look huge but certainly there imo. That’s why that has always been the scoring end at the clubhouse.

The old pitch had a slope. Not the new one.

Yeah, only one adult team a few years now. Good nursery set up and an under 8s and 9s, but there too young to call upon :joy:


Great to hear, plenty of recent development in the area in Castlemoyne etc and the old school grounds too, loads of potential to get new underage numbers which is great considering a few years ago there were suggestions that the club would as such ‘fail’… Fair play to those who obviously dug deep and saw potential.


Woulda thought that Trinity would be competing for this lot.

Getting into the school is key. Whichever club gets a shoe in the door there will probably get most of the chisslers through the gates

Are you a player yourself?

Problem with Trinity and ‘Fails is where they are located.
Trinity especially isn’t accessible by foot so if parents don’t have cars to drop the nippers up they don’t send them there and kids end up in soccer etc especially with them set up in Father Collins and the new Astro in Clongriffin.

There is new life in this area, Old Campions pub has reopened as Balgriffin House, The developments across the road from Northern Cross shops are all potential, Can’t dispute the schools argument that is Key, have any new schools gone in there? I haven’t been down that way just drove by couple of times. There’s probably enough new build in there for both TG and Fails, I’d have thought Fails would be more convenient to walk to, that said no parent is going to let their 10 year old walk to any pitch on their own either and you can apply that to any area of Dublin. We’ve probably gone off topic now sorry AFL7 folk.

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There is one in behind all those houses opposite Campions, i think there is an ET school in there also.
No shortage, as you say!

Do Innisfails have a GPO?

Well it was electric picnic weekend we were missin 10 from the panal 7 starters. Truth be told that’s why we asked to move it to thursday

If they’re was medals for excuses Mearnog would be top of the table. You were blaming Thailand and players called up to seniors for other defeats :wink:

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Well we had a full team once all year and score 4-23 , we didnt train once all year. So no excuse just facts young team players go away.

Not training all year didn’t help your chances.