Adult Football League 8 (AFL 8) 2018


Wild geese beat ranelagh gaels.


Plunketts 2-18 vs Finians 1-11


Lusk beat wild geese on Tues.

Few nice div 3 footballers on show. :roll_eyes: we had chances to win. But two quick goals from from Lusk early in second half. Which we couldn’t claw back.


Plunketts beat Ranelagh by 3 not sure of the exact score.


Wild geese beat ballyboughal


Local derby


Can’t beat a North County local derby!


Must try to take one in - preferably Champo. Would there be a session after or would ya get run out of town?

Wild Geese Club President Charlie Rooney was 100 last month - fair play to the man and continued good health.