Adult Football League 8 (AFL 8) 2018


Wild geese beat ranelagh gaels.


Plunketts 2-18 vs Finians 1-11


Lusk beat wild geese on Tues.

Few nice div 3 footballers on show. :roll_eyes: we had chances to win. But two quick goals from from Lusk early in second half. Which we couldn’t claw back.


Plunketts beat Ranelagh by 3 not sure of the exact score.


Wild geese beat ballyboughal


Local derby


Can’t beat a North County local derby!


Must try to take one in - preferably Champo. Would there be a session after or would ya get run out of town?

Wild Geese Club President Charlie Rooney was 100 last month - fair play to the man and continued good health.


St Finians conceded last weekend, does that mean they’re relegated automatically now as its the second game they conceded?
Also, does it mean the bottom 3 and 4 still play off?


Yes, second walkover is automatic relegation.

Whoever finishes second bottom will also be relegated. 3/4th play off will still happen as 3 teams are relegated.


Think Peregrines are gone now too


Why? they have only conceded one game according to Dublin GAA website- Finbars gave them a walkover


My bad, you’re right


Anyone have a thought on when the last round of games will be played?

9th Sept perhaps?


23rd September. Dunno anything about promotion/relegation playoffs.


Ranelagh vs Ballyboughal penciled in this weekend, not sure if a play off or their last league game.


It’s Ranelagh’s last league game.